VoidExpanse - Update v0.8.0

Added on 30 May 2014 by Lurler.

After almost two months of hard work we are finally ready to present you with our largest update to date on VoidExpanse!

In this time we were finally able to implement a mountain of new features that were not possible to with shorter updates! We have also had loads of great suggestions from the community and we've implemented quite a few!

Enough of the formalities though, lets get to the good stuff!

Before we go into updates of the game I would like to present to you our new launcher (screenshot)! Now you don't need to bother with downloading each update, unpacking the archive, transferring the saves, etc. Just download one executable file to your desktop, run it and it will take care of everything for you. It can download each new version we release, patch the game for you, keep track of all new updates. You can also opt-in to receive early experimental versions to the game if you want to be the first to try out the new changes. Easy!

New storyline, dialogs and quest system
If constant combat or asteroid mining made you a little tired you can now finally start exploring the game world and its history. With this update we created and will continue to extend the new quest system that helps you develop your character and advance your progress in the game world. How did Xengatarn came to be? How and why was VoidExpanse created? Why were Far Colonies cut from the rest of Federation worlds? Why are there different factions? You can now find the answers to these questions as well as uncover more secrets along your way.

Stations now have different areas
We have finally implemented different areas to space stations that different NPC might occupy. One-eyed Joe likes sitting in a bar drinking booze, for example, while traders and other pilots will be running around the hangar or docking bay, scientists are in their laboratory in a Science station, and general Troyden can be found on the command deck. Mind that your character won't be automatically allowed to enter all of these zones. Especially areas where hight command officers reside. You have to earn an appropriate access level before you are admitted to these areas.

New content
This update brings quite a few additions to the content of the game. You can expect several new weapons, for example; good old machinegun or an insane particle discharge cannon that will one-shot almost any ship. There are also several new ship modules, new quest items and generally quite a few new things to encounter! But these additions are not just for ships, we have also added two new space station types: military and business, a new ship - Orca, a heavy cruiser boasting several missile, energy and mine hardpoints, and other!

Real consequences
Be careful now as destruction of your ship finally has consequences! You can set the difficulty of the game when you create a new world. You can choose between standard mode, semi-hardcore, where if your ship is destroyed you will lose it for good and be cloned at the nearest space station, and finally, complete and brutal hardcore mode where if you die - you die.

New possibilities
We included many new features into this update. One of these additions is the persuade skill, you can now use your speechcraft abilities to make other characters more inclined to your demands. You can even try negotiating with a brutal pirate to get out of trouble or ask slave drivers to release their prey.

New improved character relationships system
Now you have to think twice before robbing a trader or getting yourself involved with pirates. Faction relationships will change depending on your actions.
Saved the Order scientist? Now they will treat you with more respect and may offer you help, be more inclined to listen to your requests or provide you with some unique equipment or missions.
Killed a Fanatics miner? Now Fanatics faction won't even allow you entry into their stations or might open fire if they see you, maybe even hire mercenaries to get rid of you.
This relationship system is a very important step towards a completely dynamic world that will develop alongside the player.

Is that all?
Not even close! This is just the tip of the iceberg! You can find the complete patchnotes on our forum (here), we would also really like to hear your opinion on our progress as your feedback is very important to us!