Introducing VoidExpanse composer!

Added on 14 July 2014 by Lurler.

The new update is almost complete apart for some last content additions and bug fixes, so before releasing it I would like to talk a little bit about music in VoidExpanse. This update will finally bring all new tracks that our composer has been working on for the last several months. And I think he did an amazing job at that!

Here is an example of one of the new tracks:

But who IS our composer? I think it would be only fair to provide a little background here.
I will let the man speak for himself! :)

Hey there! I am Konstantin Glazunov, I've been working as composer for over 20 years now, creating soundtrack for cinema and games. And now a chance presented itself to join AtomicTorch Studio as a freelance composer. I think VoidExpanse is an amazing project and I am very exited to be working with them. My main genres in music would be art-rock, classics, ambient, that's what I like to do and best at. But where do I get inspiration for this particular project? There are a lot of sources of course, for example genius soundtrack in Unreal games, Homeworld, I could also probably name "The Dig". From movies I would say... Star Trek, Matrix, Oblivion and many more.
For VoidExpanse I tried to create a unique mix of techno, ambient and rock to convey the feeling of the game. We have also devised a special music system with guys from AtomicTorch. The mood and music will change depending on a particular system you are visiting and what happens around you as well as how far you progressed in the story. Combine that with over one and a half hours of total play time and you will be constantly surprised by it! That system is already implemented partially and I can't wait to hear my works fully invigorating the world of VoidExpanse with new mood of excitement, discovery and action!