VoidExpanse has been Greenlit on Steam!

Added on 10 September 2014 by Lurler.

We are very happy to announce that VoidExpanse has finally been Greenlit! We couldn't even imagine how much support we would get from the community when we launched that campaign. And now, after just one month after the submission you helped VoidExpanse get on Steam. That means a lot to us, and to the future of the game. Thank you everyone!

We can now shift our focus back to the development again and continue with the updates as we did before the campaign. We are really striving to make the best game possible and we hope you continue supporting us in the future!

We will also provide you with more information on the Steam version of the game and release date fairly soon. So stay tuned and don't forget to check our blog once in a while! You could also join the discussion on our forums.