What are we up to?

Added on 22 October 2014 by Lurler.

Just a small update on what's going on with VoidExpanse. We've been working on many separate things required for the Steam release and it proves to be a lot more work than we anticipated initially, aside from that we are also working on the game itself.

So, here's what we've been up to recently:

  • Localization system implementation is progressing nicely. Localization of UI, items and pretty much everything else except quests/topics is fully implemented. Quests are a bit more complicated, but we will get to that as well. We want VoidExpanse to be available as many languages as we can. Below is an example of a game running in a different language.
  • Steam integration is a bit more difficult as it requires us to change how authentication is handled. It is extremely important for multiplayer to protect your identity and make your connection to the server secure among other things. Right now it is handled by our own secure server, but in case of Steam it has to be changed.
  • Steam extras such as trading cards, badges, emoticons and other such things have been completed. I really like how everything turned out to be. And I'm sure you will find it fun collecting all that stuff. Here's a small preview of one of the cards.
  • Story - we've finally finished the story for VoidExpanse. Yay! But it doesn't mean it's working as intended... yet :) It requires some more polish before we can call it finished. But never the less it's a huge milestone being able to complete the game. And remember, we have a completely separate storyline for each faction. So your choices will determine what actually happens in the galaxy and not all of these choices will lead to a happy ending.
  • And many, many other things.