VoidExpanse plays with colors!

Added on 31 March 2015 by ai_enabled.

The latest VoidExpanse version now has an option for people who perceive colors differently! Striving to make playing VoidExpanse easy and comfortable, we added a different visualization modes.

This idea came to us after a discussion we had with one of the players, who showed us an importance of this problem. Surprisingly, as much as 9% of all people have some form of color blindness.

After doing some research we realized that it is not such a big piece of work, but this minor improvement can go a long way and will help a lots of people.

After researching all the forms of color blindness we made a complex improvement, which includes both: alternative shapes of some objects implementation and a palette modes switch.

Now people with Deuteranopia (red-green color blindness), Protanopia (red color blindness) and Tritanopia (blue-violet color blindness) are able to enjoy VoidExpanse properly. All the adjustments are easy to access from the options menu.

Below you can see one example of that mode in action. It makes us genuinely happy that we can make our game accessible to more people this way :)