Dinocide update v1.4 is out!

Added on 9 March 2016 by Lurler.

Hello, everyone! :)

We are pleased to introduce you our next update to Dinocide!

This update is packed with improvements and a new game mode! First of all, we would like to present you an incredibly challenging “Boss Rush” mode - test your skills in defeating all of the bosses of Dinocide one by one! And newly added Boss Life Meter will help you with that!

Secondly, we have added a new level to the game. Have a nice walk in a scorching desert heat! Besides that, we have also completely reworked the second level in the game with improved visuals and gameplay flow. It is the second level, is HAS to be good! :)

We have also changed the Start Game menu. Rather than jamming everything in one list we created a separate screen where all the game modes are now located.

And even that is not all! Great news for all of our Chinese-speaking dinosaur riders: now the game officially supports Chinese language (both, traditional and simplified)!


Have fun!