Weekly news #5

Added on 30 August 2013 by Lurler.
This week we spent most of the week arguing about the quest and dialogues system :) In the end we created a concept for an awesome system that would allow us to do pretty much anything we could imagine, yet remain the most simple of all proposed options.
It is achieved by providing a transparent API to anyone interested in creating the content. As a result any player can create a mod for the game that would add new dialogs and quests. It would be as simple as just adding a new file for each of them.
We will have a more detailed post about our questing system in one of the following weeks. Stay tuned!

Also new this week:
  • Changed the scripting engine completely. It provided a 100x boost in performance. That’s what I call optimization!
  • Now all the stats of all in-game items actually take into account data in XML files. This means we can now start adding content to the game. Though, we will wait a bit before we do this as we want to finish all other essential game mechanics first.
  • Started work on the new GUI.