Weekly news #6

Added on 6 September 2013 by Lurler.
This week three important parts of the game were finally implemented. First one is the NPC dialogues and quests system, the second one is character leveling and the third one is factions system. There is one problem with all that though. It all works only on the server at the moment. The client can’t display any of that yet. As always implementing features takes much less time compared to the time it takes to add everything to the client. But that is to be expected. Anyway, I really like how these systems turned out in the end. All the flexibility and ease of use. We will make full use of it when we start creating content for the game!

So, to summarize the full list of important changes this week:
  • Model for our first space station is done. We had to use ship model to represent a space station before. It is much better now :)
  • Some new graphics such as proper laser beams and cargo crates.
  • New interface for weapon groups. We decided to put that into the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Server logic for quests system and NPC dialogs.
  • Leveling of the game character.
  • Factions and relations between characters. NPC disposition system.