Weekly news #8

Added on 20 September 2013 by Lurler.

This week signifies our first build of the game! This is for internal use, but never the less it is a fully working game now (without much to do yet, though). Anyway, this week our main feature is the character generation screen. Just look a the screenshots. I think it looks amazing! Kudos to our artist and programmers. One thing to clarify though is that the GUI is obviously temporary and will be replaced before release. Aside from that there are not that many other features implemented this week as we were mostly trying to fix all the bugs there were so far and make it into a fully working application.

As usual, here is list of other things this week:

  • We have ported SMAA to Unity which will be one of the possible effects for the game.
  • We have implemented multithreading for dynamic resources loading. This way load times will be almost instantaneous and all other resources will load upon first usage.
  • NPC can now dock to space stations.
  • We have added strafe movement to our ships and also rewrote how ship control works. It is much nicer now.