Weekly news #9

Added on 27 September 2013 by Lurler.
Main change this week is that we decided to completely redesign the weapons system. Instead of “per ship” configuration as in previous system now we can specify every parameter on a per slot basis and place this slot anywhere on the ship. We also going to add actual turrets for the ship that will be rotating to match the targeting reticule. Each weapon will have its own 3D model.
We have also added completely new ship called “Boomerang”. It has quite unique shape.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other changes:
  • We have finally started work on the active devices. These could be either combat devices such as some EM field generators or shield boosters or these could be something like mining laser.
  • New particle effect for “space dust”. Now it really conveys the movement and makes it much easier to navigate in space.
  • System map. It displays all the objects withing a current star system.
  • New backgrounds for space, it doesn’t look that good yet, but at least we are on a right track :)
  • And finally we started work on a new website. This will be a completely custom engine ensuring complete feature set we will need for this game and all possible future projects.