Weekly news #12

Added on 18 October 2013 by Lurler.

This week we have completed probably the biggest update to date. A whole lot has been accomplished, but let’s go one by one:

  • We have finally implemented the logic for skill system. There are about a dozen skills now, but by the time we release the game we will surely bring it up to possibly one hundred or more.
  • New space station. You can see it in the screenshot below.
  • A lot of improvement for AI. The NPCs and enemies now behave much smarter and can accomplish tasks such as delivering goods or mining asteroids. Funny thing here, since they all belong to a different factions, as soon as we run the simulation they started fighting each other :) That was unexpected, but that’s what makes the system good. They can make decisions for themselves.
  • New planetary system generation. It works now and things such as asteroid belts, proper planet orbits, jump gates, etc. are generating properly.
  • New logo for the game. Which you can already see in the top of this post.
  • Icons for items and skills are now properly loaded from resources.
  • And finally we have added a new type of effect for weapons. It is now possible to add sprite effect such as plasma ball and such.

This week we also finally completed our second internal build of the game. Now it finally looks more or less like an actual game! :)  Still, there is not much content though, but that will come later as we continue working on the game!