CryoFall Public Alpha Launch!

Added on 9 May 2018 by Lurler.

Largest CryoFall update is finally live now!

The game is finally ready to fully enter public alpha and ready for large number of people to join and try the game!

With this CryoFall is finally launched publicly! And not only that, but CryoFall is available completely for free during the initial alpha period! We would like everybody to give it a try without any strings attached, voice their opinions and participate in its development as much as possible for the next several months. Yes, we plan keep it completely free for the time being!

We will also starting promotional activities this month, which means there should be more players now compared to closed alpha test.

We are also looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically Let's plays as they allow us to examine just HOW exactly you play and make adjustments to the game based on that knowledge. So, even if you have a tiny channel with a few subscribers it will still be useful to us!

Naturally, you can also preorder CryoFall if you would like to show your support and we would very much appreciate this gesture! Preorders are available in our official store. CryoFall Deluxe Edition also comes with additional features and content. There is also no need for a demo, as you can just play it as much as you want and then decide for yourself if it's worth the price. Additionally, we will keep the price much lower during this free alpha period to make barrier to entry lower.

Now that the game is finally out and publicly available - we will keep working with redoubled effort to bring new content at a steady pace and see every planned feature implemented! From today onwards we will return to posting our regular development updates on CryoFall in our blog, we will also try to align them with each version release.

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And finally, you can check ourĀ detailed list of changes for this release since closed alpha.