CryoFall Alpha 14 is out!

Added on 25 June 2018 by Lurler.

And another update is finished and deployed!

This past month we were still working on some technical tasks in the background, so there isn't as much new content as in some previous updates, but thankfully we are mostly done with that and the next update should be rather substantial again.

Anyway, what's new this time?

The primary change is complete reworking of the quest system - it now includes more than 30 quests ranging from very simple to something you would have to put quite a bit of effort towards. We are quite happy how this system turned out to be, but there are still a few things we would like to do.

Another thing is the inclusion of miner helmet. At first it may not seem like much, but it signifies substantial improvement of the lighting system. It is now possible to include things like night vision goggles and other things!

New industrial crate and corresponding loot have also been added to industrial ruins. Now there's a good reason to go there ;)

Another major change is complete rebalancing of the weapon system. Now there is more reason to use different ammo as it now properly does what it's supposed to do (such as armor piercing bullets actually being better than normal bullets against armor).

As always you can see the detailed list of changes on the forums.