CryoFall: Tropical Update (A16) is out!

Added on 28 September 2018 by Lurler.

And we are back with another CryoFall update!

The game is progressing very nicely! Servers now consistently have hundreds of players and the game grows more and more with each update. You can easily lose yourself in the world of CryoFall for several weeks straight. In fact, we hear things like "I'm freaking addicted to this game!" more and more! And yes, that was an actual quote from one of the streamers who covered the game :)

Anyway, without further ado let's see what's new this time!

The biggest change is the addition of a completely new biome to the map. Now there are two large tropical areas in the south of the continent. They feature completely new vegetation and animals and should serve as a great starting area for new players thanks to abundance of food and less dangerous predators.

Central area of the map has been significantly expanded as well and the world received many other improvements in general.

Another major update is completely reworked wall system! It has been simplified significantly and now tile atlases just consist of simple fixed shapes. It makes it much easier to add new wall types both for us and for modders. And in fact, this update features a new wall tier - bricks.

There are many other improvements and additions, such as: structure decay (to remove abandoned bases that were littering the servers previously), blueprint deconstruction, many new plants, items, animals and structures, new technology groups and nodes, new cooking recipes, world map icons for important resources (oil and lithium), changes to skill system, improved land claim system (now it is possible to intersect their areas if you are the owner and other changes), "unstuck" feature and hundred of other changes and additions!

You can find detailed list of changes on our forums as usual!

And don't forget to join our Discord server - we are posting screenshots of all upcoming features and experimental versions there long before they become available here. We are also happy to discuss any ideas you have. So, make sure you join! ;)

We are hoping to see you in the game with this update as well! And stay tuned for the next update, A17 is going to be mindblowing!