CryoFall: Modding Update (A18) is out!

Added on 23 January 2019 by Lurler.

Wow, our last blogpost was in November. This is probably the biggest delay between two versions. But there is a good reason for it!

As you might have already seen from the title of this post - CryoFall now officially and fully supports modding! You can now download our custom Visual Studio 2017 extension and start hacking away! Not to mention - the game is 100% opensource which means you can see how any part of the game works under the hood and replicate or change it in your mod. It was certainly possible before, but now we've made some necessary improvements to ensure you can safely and easily install mods and develop your own with all the necessary tools. This update also saw the long awaited scripting API improvements.

We're also providing the CryoFall Editor now so you can more easily create and test your mods without having to run a full server and also create your own custom maps. It is the same map editor we use internally so it has all of the features available to us.

The Game Launcher was also updated to provide all the necessary features such as one-click installation of mods (delivered as .mpk (mod pack) files).

There are still some things we would like to add in the near future such as proper documentation and API reference, tutorials, mod samples, possibly even a modding portal, so there's certainly a lot more to come regarding modding in the future! In the mean time we hope to see some interesting content from you!

But obviously this update wouldn't be as interesting without additions to the game itself. So here are some notable changes:

  • Environmental Psi and Heat status effects.
  • New tier of defensive structures.
  • Multitude of new weapons & items such as Laser rapier (energy based melee weapon), many new ammo types (12ga buck shot, 12ga salt charge, 10mm blank ammo, etc.), new resonance bomb (able to penetrate many layers of walls), new medicine, generic items, etc.
  • Pragmium armor (and new T4 Defense technology group).
  • New quests & changes to existing quests.
  • New cybernetic implant: Healing gland (grants improved regeneration).
  • Oil and Lithium sources now deplete and respawn in the world. This prevents any single group from controlling them indefinitely. They can also be destroyed with explosives.
  • And much more! See full patchnotes here.

There are also many nice visual improvements, such as animated grass and plants you can see below.

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

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