A25 Balance Update Release

Added on 3 February 2020 by ai_enabled.

Originally A25 update was planned for release at the end of February, but after some consideration, we decided why wait when we can release all of the features and improvements right now and just work on remaining features in the next update!

So, what is new this time? As the name of the update implies—it focuses heavily on balancing the game. Since the release of A24 “Mechanized Update” we have received a lot of valuable feedback from players and based on it we were able to implement over 150 changes to make the game more interesting, progression smoother, significantly reduce grind and offer other improvements. There are still things we want to work on in this regard, but we are happy to see that CryoFall slowly inches closer to the way we envisioned it and we hope you will appreciate the improvements!

New content:

  • New light mech! Now there are two: light Skipper mech and medium Manul mech.
  • Completely new visuals for tropical boar. Players are already lovingly calling him Pumba :)
  • Electric cooking stove.
  • Projector tower to light up your base and surrounding areas.
  • And the most important of all—mineral processing plant! It will help you increase the yield on the ores you have mined, first turning them into ore concentrate before smelting.
  • Super heavy armor—ideal in defense as it provides a maximum level of protection against all types of damage, though at the cost of severely reduced mobility.
  • And more!

Some of the features this time include:

  • Wild creatures will react to the player with unique sounds for aggression and fleeing. Furthermore, aggression sounds propagate at quite large distances and you can notice the sound cues on the edge of your screen if the sound is coming from somewhere outside your view area.
  • Technology trees have been significantly reworked to reduce dependency between tiers and individual groups. This still leaves a lot of room for specialization but removes most of the annoying situations where you may have needed to unlock some other group to be able to craft a particular item. As long as you unlock primary technologies first, before unlocking specialized technologies you should be good now!
  • Improved balance to existing weapons and armor. To be more specific—ammo is now cheaper to craft and armor is rebalanced to give each armor type their unique role. For example, A.P.A.R.T. suit now has much higher protection from heat and psi making it an ideal choice for exploring volcano areas.
  • Improved network code now offers super-smooth gameplay even at very high ping values but also much less lag even on the low ping. You can really feel the difference!
  • Additional improvements to the server performance. Technically it is now possible to run servers with as much as 500 simultaneous players! Though, for the time being, we will limit the official servers for up to 300 players.
  • Larger and improved world with more roads and new volcano area (though only for the new servers; the existing servers have to use A24 map as players already have their bases everywhere and it is not possible to change the world map without wiping the server).
  • Unlike previous updates, A25 doesn't require servers wipe to update from A24. We have ensured a smooth upgrade from A24!

Please note that the official PvP servers are following a regular 4-weeks wiping cycle which we have announced earlier.

And many more. As always, you can read the full patch notes for A25 update on our forums.

That’s it for the time being. We will continue working on the next version a few more substantial features and additions (especially for PvE servers). Stay tuned and enjoy the A25 update!