A30 "Keinite" Update Release

Added on 16 April 2021 by ai_enabled.

It is almost time for CryoFall to leave Early Access (the release date is set for 29th of April and we will share detailed information about it separately in a few days!), so this final update before the official release is meant to offer one last round finishing touches and add all of the small features we absolutely wanted to have in the game before release

So, let's dive in and see what we have to offer this time!

The first thing you will probably notice when joining the game now is the addition of the so-called Origin System. Now you can choose your character background and receive several small advantages to various areas based on what you selected.

Next, is the new mineral Keinite after which this new update is named. While the Pragmium is our energy-related mineral this new Keinite isn't so much a mineral, but rather an alien substance of biological origin! It's essential for exotic weapons which are also added in A30 Update. You will be able to create this new type of biological weapons in Tier 5.

Another massive addition is the Pragmium Power Plant. It will serve as the main source of energy for massive bases in the late game. This should allow you to focus on other interesting activities rather than worrying about maintaining your base's power supply. And while we are at it—we have also made solar panels significantly cheaper and rebalanced practically everything related to energy. This aspect of the game should be more rewarding and enjoyable now with much less grind (as long as you do the optimal things rather than trying to stubbornly use steam generators even in Tier 5! :) ).

Creatures A.I. and balance were also changed substantially. They are more aggressive and faster now and will react to your actions rather than just idly waiting their turn to be killed. But that's not all—now you can also encounter various mutated forms of existing creatures offering more variety to your hunting excursions. And yes, these mutations are caused by the new Keinite substance.

The faction system has also been reworked with new permissions and completely reworked the Leaderboard (faction score) system. This should offer much more interesting and varied competition for both PvP and PvE servers. UI of the faction screen has also been completely reworked.

Reworked events in A30 will also offer more opportunities to participate for all players, especially in PvE for bigger events such as world bosses (Pragmium Queen and Sand Tyrant). Certain events also offer better rewards (including newly introduced Keinite).


Some other key additions and changes this time

- Vehicle naming—set a custom name to your vehicle to easily distinguish it from other vehicles that you own!
- A lot of existing items, world objects, minerals, characters, plants, props, etc. have been updated with new visuals to make them fit better with our current visual style and to bring their quality to our current standard
- When you send drones to mine a mineral or cut a tree, they automatically reserve space in your inventory to prevent a situation where there is no more space for them to return
- Keinite can be obtained from all event creatures and if using the new Keinite extractor from some regular creatures and mutants
- Reworked implants balance and crafting costs plus added an additional new implant
- And as always - dozens of new items, structures, technologies, status effects, and more!


Official servers wipe

This time all official PvP servers are wiped. We welcome you to join all the newly started servers with the fresh economy and all of the new stuff introduced by the update!
PvE servers are NOT affected and you can continue playing with your existing characters after the wipe.


Legacy support

As usual, we make a legacy branch for the previous (A29) version client available if you intend to keep using it on a community or a private server. Just open game properties in the Steam Client, navigate to the BETAS tab, and select the "legacy-a29" branch.


Patch notes

Want to know more about the update? You can find detailed patch notes on our forums.



Don't forget to join our Discord server to be aware of all the news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content, features, and other interesting things there regularly and you can chat with us directly if you have any feedback: https://discordapp.com/invite/cryofall

That's it for now! See you in the game!