R33 "Winter" Update Release

Added on 18 February 2022 by ai_enabled.

CryoFall R33 "Winter" Update is available now!

This time you will be able to explore the new Arctic biome full of new monsters and dangers. Make sure to pack warm clothes!

To go along with this new territory we have prepared several new monster types to make exploration a bit more difficult and also serve as a reliable way to obtain Keinite in the late game.

We will also finally introduce skins for energy and exotic weapons which have been requested by the players since the time skins were introduced in the last update. This should offer additional variety in the late game.

We have also come up with another small thing we can use to reward all of our supporters! Everyone who owns the Supporter Pack will receive a new set of unique weapon and armor skins provided exclusively to the Supporter Pack owners! These unique skins will be a permanent feature to all Supporter Pack owners, regardless of when you have purchased it or if you will purchase it in the future. You can buy the Supporter Pack in Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178321/CryoFall__Supporter_Pack/

Savegames compatibility

First of all, we must highlight that the saved games are completely compatible with the previous (R31-R32) versions of the game. You can continue playing in your local worlds without worries. The only caveat is that saves from previous versions of the game will continue to use the old world map, which does not have the new Arctic biome, and so there will be no new monsters and no other Arctic content. The only way to update the world map is to start a new game. Therefore, if you're playing on the local server we would recommend finishing the current saved game (escape the planet) and then using the New Game + feature with which your character will be transferred to a new world while retaining the unlocked skills, technologies, etc.

Official servers wipe

All the official servers were wiped with this update according to their schedule: Official PvP servers wipe every 3 weeks and official PvE servers wipe every 6 weeks. Please read the previous announcement for more details. We welcome you to join all the newly started servers with the fresh economy and all of the new stuff introduced by the update!

Legacy support

Even though the R33 update is 100% compatible with the previous version's savegames, as usual, we're providing a legacy branch for the previous version client available if you intend to keep using it on a server that is not yet updated to R33. Just open game properties in the Steam Client, navigate to the BETAS tab, and select the "legacy-r32" branch.

Patch notes

Want to know more about the update? You can find detailed patch notes on our forums: https://forums.atomictorch.com/index.php?topic=2064


Don't forget to join our Discord server to be aware of all the news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content, features, and other interesting things there regularly and you can chat with us directly if you have any feedback: https://discordapp.com/invite/cryofall

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