Weekly news #13

Added on 25 October 2013 by Lurler.
Despite the number of this blog post I think this week brings one of the most important updates! Today we finally rolled out our new website that supports all needed functionality such as master server for our games to play online and ensure that your multiplayer identity is protected, then of course the ability to actually buy our games (although none is available for sale at the moment, naturally), subscription to news, proper security for users and many other features essential for our future launch of VoidExpanse and other games that we will be making after that!

Also this week we implemented following features for the actual game:
  • Added static and dynamic decorative objects to the game, example of this is debris left after destroyed ships.
  • Weapon icons that will be displayed in the inventory.
  • Actual 3D models for turrets that will be displayed on your ship in game.
  • Started working on a new ship that will be added to the game next week.
  • Added quite a few new icons for skills.
  • Containers with loot that is left after destroying enemy ships.
  • Grapple beam and the ability to grapple items in space.
  • Some more improvements to AI system.