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Added on 11 November 2013 by Lurler.

Hi and welcome to AtomicTorch Studio website!

Today is our first big milestone in the development of VoidExpanse! We are finally at the point that we feel confident enough about showing our project to people and the press. This post will highlight some general information about the game we are making and our plans for the future of this project.

So, what is it?
VoidExpanse is a spacefaring action-RPG with boundless freedom to forge your own path in a galaxy rife with conflict.

Once, we looked to the stars with dreams of peace and immeasurable prosperity for all. We reveled in our limitless potential as we conquered space travel and ventured deeper into the unknown. Then, the aliens struck, and we lost.

Faced with insurmountable odds, some of us continue to fight, while others turn to self-serving greed. Regardless of our motives, the battle for survival is only beginning.

With robust skill-trees, multiple factions with their own agendas, and extensive customization of your ship, VoidExpanse allows you to truly shape your journey to defeat the alien threat and restore the galaxy. Will you be the stalwart savior of humankind, the opportunist playing every angle for financial gain, or the down-and-dirty renegade?

A single-player campaign with a masterfully crafted story of open-exploration and difficult choices is only the beginning of VoidExpanse. With moddable sandbox modes, you can create your own procedurally generated galaxy to discover, or create persistent multiplayer worlds to band with other players – or destroy them.

Key features include:

  • Spacefaring action-RPG with open exploration of procedurally generated galaxies.
  • Carve out your destiny with extensive skill-trees and ship customization.
  • Battle, trade with NPCs, mine asteroids, and explore the unknown.
  • Real-time combat with serious dangers; no auto-leveling enemies.
  • Play through a carefully crafted story in procedorally generated galaxy.
  • Join with friends or take them on in persistent multiplayer worlds.
  • Every aspect of the game is fully moddable and extendable.

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Below is a screenshot of early in-dev alpha version of the game. Everything will change upon release of course, but it should give a rough idea of what the game is like.