VoidExpanse development update #17

Added on 6 December 2013 by Lurler.
Remember our weekly news? As it turns out they are not very weekly :)
So, I decided to rename them to just "development updates", I think it would be more interesting if we post them less often, but with more interesting updates on the progress, rather than just listing things from our logs.

Anyway, in these past three weeks were able to implement really a lot of new stuff.
Here comes:
  • Quest window with quest log and journal. You can see what quests you have at any time and their progress making it much easier to be aware of your progress and goals.
  • New engine and RCS trails system, with exhaust colors depending on the engine, and indicator lights, or as we call them "blinks". You can see example of these in our previous post.
  • Finally completed the target lock system that we mentioned in previous posts. Now you also get extra information about the target in a small window after acquiring the lock.
  • Options window where you can setup everything you need. We also implemented the ability to change graphical settings and optimized performance a whole lot. The game can now run on low-end/integrated GPUs. For example with Intel HD Graphics 2000 it is able to produce 40 FPS, which is pretty good.
  • Better interpolation of movement data, meaning that now you can play without any problems even with ping as high as 300 ms.
  • Finally added items bar for quick access to consumables, such as shield boosters or special equipment, for example EMP field generator.
  • Started work on a new jumpgate system. It will function in somewhat similar way to how it is done in EVE online. But with a twist.
  • Repair and refuel now possible on stations.
  • Tons of new icons for items and weapons.
  • Cruise mode for the ship. In this mode you get twice the normal speed, but almost impossible to steer. This mode is great if you need to travel long distances within the star system. We have also added warp-jumps that are great in combat for avoiding projectiles.
  • Finally implemented multiplayer chat. We are closer than ever for our first closed beta test and we will certainly need chat for that! :)
  • Low fuel notification.
  • Music! We got a deal with an awesome veteran composer. He is in the industry for more than 15 years now. And I love his works for VoidExpanse so far!
  • New awesome planets. You can see an example of that below.
  • And a whole lot more! The game is really coming together!
Planets, click to see animated version of the pictures.
Base window. All interface is work in progress and do not represent the final quality. But hey, it still looks pretty cool :)
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