VoidExpanse Faction System

Added on 6 March 2014 by Lurler.

Here is another update on the progress of VoidExpanse! This time I would like to talk about faction system in VoidExpanse.

As you can see above we have several factions already in the game. The line color shows relationships between the player (in this case) and other factions. You can of course select any other faction and you'd get a very different result. In the example below the "Freedom" faction is selected and you can see how the other factions treat them.

Additionaly each faction has their own territory on the global map where they have the most influence.

In the example above you can see territory of the Order and Freedom factions.
Each of the factions have their own agenda and fleets of loyal pilots and worlds. Depending on who you decide to join you will get very different results. You can join Order for example, and many of the job they can offer you would revolve around getting the galaxy rid of Xengatarn influence. Or you could join pirates. In that case it would be a whole different story. You may be asked to take part in raids on some systems.

Ultimately our goal was to make each faction unique. And offer not just a nominal ability to join a faction, but actually completely new story depending on who you decide to join. And your choice ultimately can lead the galaxy to a very different future!

And finally, as with any other part of VoidExpanse - everything is completely moddable. You can create your own factions, their NPC characters, quests and everything else. We are looking forward to see what the players can come up with :)