VoidExpanse Alpha Released!

Added on 2 April 2014 by Lurler.

VoidExpanse Alpha is open for business!

After almost a year of intensive work, theĀ AtomicTorch Studio team is excited (okay, and a little nervous) to invite you to play our first game! VoidExpanse started out as nothing more than an idea. To watch it grow and take shape into something that is not only playable, but also enjoyable, has been an amazing experience.

It's always a little frightening to send a work-in-progress out into the world. You start to worry if people truly understand that, as an alpha, there are still many features to come, bugs to stamp out, and concepts to expand. On the other hand, this is exactly why we want people to play as early as possible.

Feedback from players is something that we take very seriously. Whether talking about single- or multiplayer, we want VoidExpanse to be a game focused on community, with players forging alliances and fueling rivalries, modders creating new content, and people arguing the virtues of their favorite ships and equipment on the forums.

Much of our inspiration comes from old-school action-RPGs in which players had the freedom to choose their paths and to deal with the consequences. We see a lot of games that end up going too far for the sake of balance; streamlining character-progression and limiting choices to the point that players are just there to click buttons.

We want people to make the characters they want, the ships they want, and to play by their rules, because that's when a game transforms from entertainment into a truly memorable adventure in another world.

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