Weekly news #1

Added on 2 August 2013 by Lurler.
So, here it is, Friday. And that means our first developer's blog post! :)

News so far are quite interesting. First we have finally gotten ourselves an artist / 3d modeller. He will be joining us in the office in a couple of weeks, or maybe sooner. Also we will probably introduce the entire team in one of these weeks.

Another thing that happened is that we are now negotiating with several PR agencies to decide which one we are going to work with. Initially we wanted to do all this ourselves, but realistically looking at it we decided to ask for help from professionals. This is our first project and we want to be sure we don’t ruin our chances of success due to poor PR and Marketing.

And now on to things we have been working on this week for VoidExpanse:
  • We have started using NoesisGUI for our GUI needs. It is still quite an early build for Unity, but it is the only thing that can satisfy our needs and is platform independent.
  • We have implemented rotary mounted weapons on the ships. Now it follows your cursor and you can shoot the weapons in an ark. We also introduced tracking speed and ark restriction for this to make it realistic.
  • We have implemented some basic AI. Now it tries to kill you and in many cases quite effectively I should say. It can also follow rally points, avoid asteroids and can do some other fancy tricks too. And all of this is of course using our scripting interface, meaning anyone can implement their own IA behavior scripts in mods.
  • We have added some basic support for our planned RPG system. So far there are only couple of skills with some basic effects. We plan to expand this system later.
  • We have created a special physics editor to define physics behavior of our ships. We could have done it by hands, but it just makes it much more easier to create interesting and believable physics models for our ships, asteroids and all other objects in space that going to have a physics model.
  • There were of course more things, but the rest is not as interesting and is mostly just a backbone stuff.
Anyway, I hope this was interesting. It is our first weekly post after all!

If you have any feedback you can hit us at atomictorch@gmail.com