Weekly news #2

Added on 9 August 2013 by Lurler.
It’s now Friday, so here’s our second news post.

Quite a lot has been done this week, but we were mostly fighting to make GUI work properly in Unity, but thanks to the might of our programmers it works now (more or less anyway). But at this point the work is mostly "under the hood" and there is not much to show yet.

Aside from that here is a short list of new things so far:
  • We have implemented a galaxy map used in the game for navigation.
  • We have also added Jump Gates that you can use to travel between stars. This would be your main means of transport for getting anywhere in the galaxy.
  • Another thing that we did is that galaxy background is now procedurally generated and looks quite cool. It will most likely need some more tweaking, but still so far we are quite satisfied with the results.