Steam keys and accounts synchronization

Added on 14 March 2015 by Silberspeer.


Our players who already purchased the game on our website are already asking us if they can receive a Steam key as well. And we say - yes! Here is the guide and all the answers.

Anyone who bought VoidExpanse from us directly (in our store) may also get a Steam key for the game as well. To acquire the Steam Key, just follow to your "My Games and Items" page and press “Steam Key” button. Then press “Request Steam Key” button (see attached picture below).

Note, though, that even if you activate the key now you won't be able to run the game from the Steam client as the game is not yet officially released on Steam, so the Steam clien won't let you start it.

You will be able to run VoidExpanse with Steam client when the game will be released. And, during the first launch - pay attention: the game will ask you if you have an account with us already. If you do (and the answer is - yes, if you bought the game directly) then you will be able to synchronize both accounts. This way all your achievements and other data will be linked for you.