A27 "Total Overhaul" Update Release

Added on 16 July 2020 by ai_enabled.

We are happy to announce that the A27 "Total Overhaul" Update is now live! We are confident in saying this update is going to be the most important one in the entire history of the game. You didn’t like grind and neither did we. So this update we reworked the game from the ground up not only to eliminate any unnecessary grind (especially at higher tiers), but to also completely change the feel and progression! So, what does this update bring to the table? Let’s review some of the bigger changes. 


One of the most important changes related to progression is introduction of industrial drones. You will no longer need to use a pickaxe to mine for minerals or an axe to get wood. You will be able to use the swarm of your industrial drones to do that work for you as soon as you reach Tier 3.


Another important addition that will be most interesting to PvE players is fishing. You will be able to craft a fishing rod and different types of bait and go fishing! The game will also keep track of your records of size and weight for each fish caught allowing you to compete with other players. What you can catch also depends on the body of water (e.g. lakes or the ocean) and the type of bait you use. So fishing is actually quite involved already.


We have also worked to introduce detailed tooltips to practically everything in the game that needs it. You will be able to see detailed information about your weapons, ammo, armor, and consumables. Some items also received additional hints explaining their usage or special quirks.


We also heard your requests to have more character customization options! So now you can choose from much wider options when creating your character. And if you are playing in a group you can also choose to hide your helmets to identify each other easier.


Industrial aspect of the game has also been expanded A LOT! We finally have Tier 5! And all other tiers have been rebalanced to play well in the new 5 tier system for technologies. And as mentioned before—progression now is much faster. So you can comfortably reach tier 5 even when playing solo. You will be able to build a lot of new interesting structures such as oil cracking plant, atmospheric moisture extractor, new vehicle (siege mech with artillery cannon), and more.


A27 also introduces “Electricity 2.0 System” which completely changes how the power grid operates on your base. Now you can set up custom thresholds for each individual building and know exactly when any of them go online and offline based on the stored energy level in the power grid. You can also prioritize your generators as you wish to ensure the smooth operation of your base.


If you are playing in PvP you will also be happy to know that now you can sleep well without worrying about your base being raided! You can enable this new S.H.I.E.L.D. system and it will protect your base while you are offline. Additionally, having this offline protection allowed us to rebalance the bombs balance to make raiding more accessible for everyone and online engagements more fun.



Other important changes:

  • Structures relocation—Now you don’t have to disassemble your structures just to move them. Now you can simply use your toolbox to move any structure inside your base.
  • Pragmium sensor—Pragmium hunting will no longer depend on luck, but rather on skill!
  • PvE tagging / object claiming—PvE players will be happy to know that they no longer need to worry about other players touching their loot thanks to the new personal lock system. If it’s yours—it’s yours!
  • New skills—You can now unlock Fishing and Vehicles skills.
  • Lots of new Steam achievements (more than 30 now!)
  • Full DirectX 10 support—Making the game accessible even for people with older hardware.
  • And much, much more!

As always, you can find detailed patch notes on our forums.

With all of the above, we can confidently say that the game now feels smooth and rewarding as it should be. It got the sense of "one more thing" when you constantly have something to do in the game. To ensure the perfect balance, we've dedicated more than 100 hours just for testing alone. First on a private server and then for two weeks on a public experimental server together with other players.

Anyway, if there was ever a time to rejoin the game—it is now! We’d love for everyone to give this update a go and try all of the new content and features. Join all the newly started servers with a fresh economy for this A27 Update!

Don't forget to join our discord to be aware of all the news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content art and other interesting things there regularly and you can chat with us directly if you have any feedback: https://discordapp.com/invite/cryofall

That's it for now! See you in the game!

CryoFall Survey—May 2020 (UPDATE: survey completed!)

Added on 7 May 2020 by Lurler.

Good day, everyone!

It's been a while since the last time we conducted a community survey about the future of CryoFall, but seeing that the game has developed a lot in that time we felt now would be the perfect opportunity. Especially considering that we want to prepare the game for release some time in the future. We want to make sure we understand what's important from the players' perspective.

Please follow this link to participate in the survey:

The survey is fairly short, so it should only take a few minutes to complete. Please try to give us your honest opinion so we can better understand what you think is the important the most and where we should take the game from here.

UPDATE. We've just closed the survey which was running for a while now. Almost a thousand people participated.
Thank you very much everyone! It really helped us have a clearer picture of what people think about certain aspects of the game and the future the game will take!

A26 "Pragmium War" Update Release

Added on 23 April 2020 by Lurler.

We are happy to announce that the A26 "Pragmium War" Update is now live!

The update has received a lot of positive feedback on the experimental servers over the course of the past two weeks while this update was in the testing phase, which is really great!

Now, what does this update introduce? Let’s find out!

Let's start with something simple. This update finally introduces achievements to the game. You will be able to unlock almost two dozens of different achievements liberally sprinkled throughout your experience in the game. And in the long run, our plan is to add even more.

Now something more interesting! The biggest change of this update is the introduction of world events! You can expect to see several event types such as boss fights, crashing meteorites, fall of space debris, native life form migrations, etc. We will keep adding more events in future updates as well. The goal is to have something happening in the world at all times, so you and your friends will get a perfect distraction from your regular loop of building the base and exploring the world.

The world events were one of the most requested features in our public roadmap (Trello page) for a long time, essential to open a new dimension of the gameplay, especially in PvE as it lacked such challenges before. Coincidentally, this update finally introduces mechs in PvE as they would be handy to fight the new boss!

Next, we have also completely changed most of the technology trees and groups, streamlining the progression and removing unexpected dependencies. Tiers 3 and 4 especially were heavily rebalanced to ensure smoother progression with significantly less grind to research, craft, and build stuff. The highest technology tiers are perfectly attainable even by solo players now.

The all-new Completionist menu will keep track of all things you have discovered in the world and the things you tried so far. For every new discovery, you can acquire a small amount of bonus LP (Learning Points) which will make your progression feel more rewarding.

The decorative objects received an update too! There are many more of them now—and they are all in separate groups, 100% non-mandatory so they will not hinder your progress. Just a little extra for those who want it. See the image above for some examples.

You will also be pleased to know that we have finally introduced grenade launchers and the crossbow along with several new long-range rifles and other small things! You can build these new grenade launchers and grenades when you reach Tier 3. The crossbow, on the other hand, is available from the very start of the game and you can craft it without using a workbench which makes it a very convenient starter weapon, though not as powerful as firearms.

Another small change was a reworking of character faces and bodies. While this change is not a major one it still makes the game look substantially better! We hope you will enjoy this change as well. Most importantly, it lays down the foundation for us to introduce skin tone and hair color changes in the future updates as these new sprites are already designed to work with this new system in mind.

Some other major changes and new features include:

  • Reworked map with new areas, bridges to connect parts of the map across the water, new points of interest, decorations, etc.
  • New "Well rested" status effect which gives a bonus to those players who can't play the game 24/7 and helps them to stay competitive with more active players. Basically, it's a daily bonus which provides a small buff to the gained LP and skill XP.
  • Clan tags! Yes, you can now add a tag to your party which will be displayed next to your username in the game. For now, it is only a small taste of the proper clan system coming in the future.
  • New quests and reworked existing questline to make progression more logical.
  • Reworked food, electricity, mineral extraction, and many other areas of the game.
  • Storage chest tags. Now you can set icons on your chests to indicate what's inside.
  • Minimap! No need to open the full map every time you want to check your surroundings.
  • And much, much more!

You can read the complete patch notes on Official Forums.

The game really does feel completely different compared to previous versions and we'd love for you to try all of these new changes and new content! Join all the new newly started servers with a fresh economy for this A26 update!

Don't forget to join our discord to be aware of all news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content art and other interesting things there regularly: https://discordapp.com/invite/cryofall

That's it for now! See you in the game!


Ohhh wait! If you're a PvP player, please keep reading!

There are three important changes for PvP gameplay and mechanics:

1. As the game was heavily rebalanced to ensure smoother progression, it's clear that experienced players can reach higher tech tiers unreasonably quickly like they're competing for the CryoFall Speedrun World Record :) but it's ruining the game balance!

A26 introduces a new time-gating system specifically for the official PvP servers to solve this problem: progression to T3/T4 will be temporarily time restricted when the server starts. These technologies will unlock and become available for research sequentially after a few days, giving all players an opportunity to advance in the game and ensuring much more balanced gameplay with a lot more time to appreciate different stages of PvP combat progression with low tier equipment and weapons! It's incredible fun, trust us! (If you're hosting a community server you can customize this feature as you want by editing ServerRates.config or disable it altogether)

2. We know that the lack of substantial alternative ways to acquire oil and Li in PvP was a problem for many of you for the longest time. Race to capture resource deposits led players to create massive teams. Not only it hindered tech progression for everyone else, but it also caused a snowball effect with the strongest clan becoming even stronger.

To solve this problem, in A26 players can build oil and Li extractors in their primary bases (similar to how it works in PvE though with a distance requirement so you cannot just place extractors near each other). While this source of oil/Li is unlimited, the extraction is reasonably slow and inefficient—only good enough to sustain the needs of small teams and solo players. The large oil and Li deposits are still spawned as before—and they still provide a fast and more efficient way to extract these resources so they're still pretty valuable in PvP.

3. While we certainly understand that the full loot system has its thrills, we believe that it's time to experiment with it. You are likely aware that crafting good armor requires a lot of effort and most players feel discouraged when losing it, while the more successful players accumulate tons of trophy armor sets stacked in their chests…

A26 introduces an experimental change on the official PvP servers—the equipped armor and devices will not drop in case of death (they will take a 15% durability penalty instead). The rest of the items (such as the content of the hotbar with weapons and tools such as axe/pickaxe; also the inventory) will drop as usual (NO changes here). The argument here is that players will be more willing to take on the risks as they will at least save the expensive armor in case of death. It's just a bit easier to recover so we believe it will facilitate more PvP fights overall while not being as devastating for the losing side. The change will be live on all the official PvP servers on the wipe day and we will gather players' feedback by the end of the first wipe in 4 weeks. (If you're hosting a community server you can disable this feature by editing ServerRates.config)

See you in the game!

A25 Balance Update Release

Added on 3 February 2020 by ai_enabled.

Originally A25 update was planned for release at the end of February, but after some consideration, we decided why wait when we can release all of the features and improvements right now and just work on remaining features in the next update!

So, what is new this time? As the name of the update implies—it focuses heavily on balancing the game. Since the release of A24 “Mechanized Update” we have received a lot of valuable feedback from players and based on it we were able to implement over 150 changes to make the game more interesting, progression smoother, significantly reduce grind and offer other improvements. There are still things we want to work on in this regard, but we are happy to see that CryoFall slowly inches closer to the way we envisioned it and we hope you will appreciate the improvements!

New content:

  • New light mech! Now there are two: light Skipper mech and medium Manul mech.
  • Completely new visuals for tropical boar. Players are already lovingly calling him Pumba :)
  • Electric cooking stove.
  • Projector tower to light up your base and surrounding areas.
  • And the most important of all—mineral processing plant! It will help you increase the yield on the ores you have mined, first turning them into ore concentrate before smelting.
  • Super heavy armor—ideal in defense as it provides a maximum level of protection against all types of damage, though at the cost of severely reduced mobility.
  • And more!

Some of the features this time include:

  • Wild creatures will react to the player with unique sounds for aggression and fleeing. Furthermore, aggression sounds propagate at quite large distances and you can notice the sound cues on the edge of your screen if the sound is coming from somewhere outside your view area.
  • Technology trees have been significantly reworked to reduce dependency between tiers and individual groups. This still leaves a lot of room for specialization but removes most of the annoying situations where you may have needed to unlock some other group to be able to craft a particular item. As long as you unlock primary technologies first, before unlocking specialized technologies you should be good now!
  • Improved balance to existing weapons and armor. To be more specific—ammo is now cheaper to craft and armor is rebalanced to give each armor type their unique role. For example, A.P.A.R.T. suit now has much higher protection from heat and psi making it an ideal choice for exploring volcano areas.
  • Improved network code now offers super-smooth gameplay even at very high ping values but also much less lag even on the low ping. You can really feel the difference!
  • Additional improvements to the server performance. Technically it is now possible to run servers with as much as 500 simultaneous players! Though, for the time being, we will limit the official servers for up to 300 players.
  • Larger and improved world with more roads and new volcano area (though only for the new servers; the existing servers have to use A24 map as players already have their bases everywhere and it is not possible to change the world map without wiping the server).
  • Unlike previous updates, A25 doesn't require servers wipe to update from A24. We have ensured a smooth upgrade from A24!

Please note that the official PvP servers are following a regular 4-weeks wiping cycle which we have announced earlier.

And many more. As always, you can read the full patch notes for A25 update on our forums.

That’s it for the time being. We will continue working on the next version a few more substantial features and additions (especially for PvE servers). Stay tuned and enjoy the A25 update!

A24 Mechanized Update Release

Added on 25 November 2019 by ai_enabled.

We are happy to announce that A24—Mechanized Update is released! It is the biggest update to the game thus far! We are happy to see our old and new players joining the game and trying out all of the new features we were able to introduce this time.

You might also be interested to take a look at the trailer we prepared for this update:
With this update we are also introducing our Supporter Pack. The pack doesn't provide any advantage in the game and is purely optional. It includes the game's complete soundtrack (now 7 tracks, total over 22 minutes long), concept art, high-resolution game art, chat badge, etc. More to come! As the game keeps evolving, more artwork and more musical pieces will become available. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and for helping to shape CryoFall!

We have also added a CryoFall Demo which anyone can download directly from the Steam page. It is the complete version of the game with nothing cut or removed! You can play for 8 hours to see if CryoFall is something you can enjoy, then purchase the full version and continue playing with your existing character.

So, what's new in A24? Please take a deep breath and take a look below!

As you’ve probably guessed from the header picture—the biggest change is the introduction of vehicles. We’ve added several different vehicle types including gravi-platforms (hoverboards) which are great for long-distance travel around the map, as well as heavy battle armor (a mech!) which could prove useful in combat—be it defending your base or assaulting someone else’s.

Major improvements in gunplay and ballistics! All ranged weapons were reworked and carefully rebalanced, ensuring that each gun has intuitive strengths and weaknesses. Recoil has a massive effect on accuracy for automatic weapons, resulting in less precise spray patterns when firing long bursts. A crosshair is added to help with aiming—it's getting larger when accuracy drops, and grayed-out if there is no ammo or the weapon is reloading. A short aiming cooldown is added—if you stop firing, your character will quickly re-aim so the crosshair will be restored back to normal and you can make accurate shots again. This way, automatic weapons could be used to make single precise shots at long distances at the cost of a reduced fire rate, or make long bursts when you don't worry about losing accuracy. Furthermore, each weapon has its unique spray pattern for long bursts, which is possible to learn and compensate for when aiming. Shotguns with buckshot, as well as plasma weapons are now firing multiple projectiles at once, making them much harder to dodge—but also less effective at greater distances. Sniper rifles will always do single precise shots, making them superior for long range combat, but its low firing rate makes it much less effective at closer distances when compared to machine guns and shotguns.

Pistols are quick to draw and their accuracy and low recoil makes them great for medium range, but much less effective in close-quarters combat or against long-range weapons.

Finally, the projectile traces and hit sparks (which also depend on surface materials) were added to better convey the unique properties of each weapon and ammunition!

These improvements are adding a whole new dimension into the game, making gunfights much more tactical, and weapons feel more impactful and visceral!

Another big change is the complete rebalancing of the electricity system. Now, building your electricity grid is more interesting as you can build sustainable electricity production for all of your structures that work using electricity. This applies to both PvP and PvE servers. You can also use electricity in the new Vehicle Assembly Bay to construct and repair your vehicles.

Farming and cooking weren't left out either. Plants can now go through the entire life cycle from planting to withering if left unharvested. And all food recipes have been changed to make cooking more involved with active food effects becoming more diverse as well, now covering three separate effects: hearty food (which gives different strength bonuses), healthy food (which improves your character health) and savory food (offering learning bonuses).

Some other major changes and new features include: new dynamic music system which will change depending on your environment and actions (such as when raiding a base, exploring an abandoned town, or simply visiting a large player base) as well as several new music tracks, proper support for female characters, completely reworked world map with new roads and points of interest, dozens of new items, recipes, technologies, structures and more!

Anyway, if you are interested to see the full list of changes for A24 update—you can find them on our forums, as always.

It is time to jump in and enjoy the game to the fullest! As always, official servers have been wiped for this update and are ready to offer you a new chance to compete in a fresh economy!

A23 Electricity Update Release

Added on 12 August 2019 by ai_enabled.

It’s been a while since our last update but we are finally ready to present you A23, the “Electricity Update”!

This time, the list of changes is so massive that it would be very hard to present them here in a blogpost. But we will do our best to share the most important changes and new features!

The biggest change in this version is the introduction of the Electricity System! Establishing a power grid for your base is an important step toward increased efficiency, production, and security. Many new advanced structures (such as electric furnace, freezer or even psi field projector) require electricity to operate, which could be provided from various generators (such as steam, solar, fuel, and even bioreactors). We've ensured that this system is simple yet powerful, so we can use it as a foundation for a lot of new, reworked, and future content.

Many players asked us if we can implement an item repair mechanic. We've considered various options and implemented the tinker table—a new structure which allows you to combine two broken items into one repaired item and also restore some extra percent of durability based on the new Maintenance skill you can master.

We've added several new creatures, two new distinct biomes (swamps and volcanic area) and also expanded the map a bit. You can find the latest map here.

A few other important changes are new status effect icons above the affected characters and reworked hitboxes. This makes PvP fights much more interesting, especially during base raids or when fighting over oil or lithium deposits!

Starting with this version, you will be able to see when a particular server was wiped, making it easy to judge which server to join, but more importantly, the featured community servers will be displayed together with the official servers, giving them more exposure. If you've considered playing on CryoSmall (a community server with a limit on party size and strict moderation)—it's a good time to join and try it!

As always, there are dozens of new items (such as energy pills, items used in food canning, slime & insect meat which can be acquired from monsters, various canned food, duct tape, etc.), new structures (tinker table, electric furnace, psionic projector, several generators, freezer, water pump, energy storage, recharge station, etc.), new technology groups (electricity, cooking, canning, etc.), new and reworked quests, reworked character status effects (their effects are rebalanced and made much more clear now), and other new content.

Some of you might be excited to hear that the LP penalty has been removed. Now, even if your character dies you won’t lose accumulated LP. This should provide a smoother progression.

There are also dozens of small quality of life (QoL) improvements all throughout the game which should make your experience in the game much more enjoyable!

Overall, there are almost 200 major changes. You can find detailed patch notes on the Official Forums.

Finally, this version also includes three new languages: Polish, Turkish and Japanese. We’re looking forward to seeing even more people joining the game!

This update is very large and took a lot of time to finish—in fact, it's probably a bit too large, so in the future we would prefer to add smaller updates but deliver them more often (roughly every 1.5 months or so). Also, it's the first update which was tested in the experimental branch by our community—and it turned out to be a great success, as we were able to dramatically improve it thanks to everyone who has participated and provided their feedback!

Anyway, it is time to jump in and enjoy the game to the fullest! As always, official servers have been wiped for this update and are ready to offer you a new chance to compete in a fresh economy!

A23 Update Announcement

Added on 6 August 2019 by Lurler.

We are happy to announce that Electricity Update is going to be released on August 12! We will make a release announcement when the update happens, but for the time being, we wanted to give you a short preview.

This update is quite large and took much more time to finish—in fact, it's probably a bit too large so in the future we would prefer to make smaller updates but deliver them more often (roughly every 4-6 weeks). Also, it's the first update which was tested in Experimental branch by our community—and it was a great success as we were able to dramatically improve it thanks to everyone who has participated and provided their feedback!

So, what's new? We're introducing Electricity system! Establishing a power grid for your base is an important step toward increased efficiency, production, and security. Many new advanced structures (such as electric furnace and freezer) require electricity to operate, which could be provided from various generators (such as steam, solar, gasoline, and even a bioreactor!). We've ensured that this system is simple yet powerful so we can use it as a foundation for a lot of new, reworked, and future content.

Many players asked us if we can implement items repair mechanic. We've considered various options and implemented the Tinker table—a new structure which will allow you to combine two broken items into one repaired and also restore some extra percent of durability based on the new Maintenance skill you can master.

We've added several new creatures and two new biomes (swamps and volcanic) and expanded the map a bit. You can find the latest map here.

Recently, we've run a survey to determine the players' satisfaction with the game and gather feedback. Majority of players voted to make the game progression a bit faster and to get rid of LP loss on death. We've applied the required changes now! And we will listen to your feedback after the update is released to consider further changes.

Another important changes are status effect icons over the affected characters and reworked hitboxes. This makes PvP fights much more interesting, especially during base raids!

Overall, there are almost 200 major changes. You can find detailed patch notes on Official Forums.

Starting with A23 version, featured community servers will be displayed together with the official servers, making them much more popular. If you've considered to play on CryoSmall (community server with a limit on the party size and strict moderation)—it's a good time to prepare for the wipe and A23 launch!

Anyway, just a few more days left! Stay tuned! When the update hits—we welcome you to join all the freshly started servers (server wipe) with a new economy for this A23 update!

Survey, Roadmap, and Community Servers

Added on 6 June 2019 by Lurler.

Greetings, survivors!

While we are working on the next major update we thought it would be a good time to gather  your opinion for the current version of the game. To do that we've prepared a survey that anyone can take. It is fairly short, so it should only take about 5 minutes to complete. Please try to give us your honest opinion so we can better focus on features and changes that you think are important. To take the survey - please follow this link. (The survey has now been concluded and link removed. Thank you to everyone who participated!)

We've also updated our roadmap so you can see our future plans here.

Also, we want to use this opportunity to let you know about a new community server planned to launch this Saturday (June 8th). It will provide a properly moderated experience for players who want to play the PvP either solo or as a small team. We're wholeheartedly supporting the community initiative and looking forward to the results of this experiment. Here is an announcement by the server's owner, @Buddaz:

CryoSmall is a community server project looking for feedback from interested players about the following: maximum team size, gather rate, LP gain, wipe times, and wipe frequency.
With this feedback I hope to have a server up and running this upcoming Saturday (June 8th).
In order for this community project to work as intended I will need help from you, the players, to make this a well balanced server and keep it fresh and exciting for everyone involved.
The goal of this project is to keep team sizes low so that all players are on an even playing field and prevent anyone, including server owners/moderators, the ability to gain an uneven advantage.
A maximum team size and a rule of no alliances will be strictly enforced.
CryoSmall will be the first CryoFall server built strictly by player input!
CryoSmall is located in the UK. The reason behind this location is so locations in the US and EU will all have similar ping. It seems like UK would be the best place to host the server in order to have the most impact for the playerbase.
Please join our unofficial community Discord to give your input: https://discord.gg/vEwHrdz

CryoFall: PvE Update (A22) is out!

Added on 16 May 2019 by Lurler.

It is finally time for the A22 “PvE Update” to go live!

This update introduces the last remaining basic feature that we wanted to see in the game before we can start working on content updates again: a separate PvE game mode!

With this update online, all servers are now separated into PvP and PvE, allowing everyone to choose the type of gameplay they want to see. Either classical high stakes competitive PvP, or this new relaxed and creative PvE. Community server operators can also make this choice and launch their servers in either mode.

Obviously, even in PvE (player versus environment) game mode you can still expect challenges, not from players in this case, but from many different creatures inhabiting the world of CryoFall.

But let’s take a look at what is actually new in this update.

Introduction of separate PvE servers makes it possible for us to finally improve the balance for PvP servers based on many requests from our community and make it more rewarding for both: defending and attacking players. Some major changes include significantly increased bomb damage and unlocked chests (to prevent a complete base wipeout during a raid), but to counterbalance it certain features are made much cheaper, such as land claim upgrades or repair of different structures. We are also considering to introduce a so called "raiding window", which could potentially help prevent offline raiding and ensure that most engagements happen when players are actually online. However, given that this feature is highly experimental we are planning to run polls for each of the official servers first, where you—the players—will be able to decide whether you want to see it enabled and how. We don't want to force any such changes on you. If we see overwhelming support for this feature and there will be a reasonable consensus on the actual time for the raid window then we will enable it for a particular server. Community server owners are also free to configure the raiding hours as they wish or even disable the feature altogether.

If you have any feedback regarding these recent changes or if you just want to get involved in the community directly - please don’t hesitate to join our Discord server.

Another big addition is the support for Chinese languages, with Traditional and Simplified both available. We will also have separate servers available for Chinese regions! This should help us expand the number of active players in the community. We welcome everyone to join!

There are also some content additions such as next tier of land claim building, armored walls, hunter’s tools, new helmet with a lamp available very early in the game, large cistern to store liquids, new quests, couple of new decorations and more. While the content wasn’t our focus for this update we were still able to include a few additions which should make it more interesting. But the real content update will come with next A23 version, when we introduce the Electricity System and dozens of new structures, items and mechanics into the game! So stay tuned!

This update also features dozens if not hundreds of small improvements and additions such as removing ALL empty technology nodes to help and speed up the progression in the game, improved server browser with detailed server tags and their descriptions (official, featured, PvP, PvE, modded, etc.), improved chat and social features, improved resource contesting mechanics with active timer, many balancing changes to items, weapons and ammo, new recipes such as pharmaceutical chemicals in T4 and much, much more.

The Map was also slightly changed for this update, expanding the western tropical region a bit and adding a few small points of interest in the south. We decided not to go too far this time and instead focus on the map when new biomes (e.g. swamp, winter forest, and pragmium wasteland) will be ready in one of the following updates.

As always you can read our detailed list of changes for this version on the forums.

If you'd like to learn about differences between PvP and PvE game modes we have prepared this handy guide here.

Anyway, what are you waiting for—join the game now and enjoy a new start in a fresh economy! As always all official servers are restarted (wiped) for this update to make it possible for everyone to compete under the same rules and challenge each other!

A21 "Survivors Update" & Steam Trading Cards!

Added on 27 April 2019 by ai_enabled.

As promised the patch is ready! And even more so, what was originally planned as a simple patch to address several rare issues and introduce some balancing changes have grown into a full blown update.

With A21 "Survivors Update" we are introducing several major improvements to the game, the biggest of which being the new "Newbie protection" mechanic as was requested by a lot of players. When you first start the game you are still learning the basics and it isn't exactly productive if you are being killed by more advanced players or players who have previous experience in the game. And this is exactly where this new protection comes into play. You will be completely safe from losing any of your items or learning points (LP) for the first four hours of the game! With that you can finish all basic quests without rushing and finish your first base to be completely secure.
Second biggest feature is the new damage tracking. The usual respawn menu has now been expanded to include a list of all recent damage sources — such as creatures, players, harmful items and status effect (including names of players who have damaged you, even if you were offline). Now now you can finally take revenge on that bad guy who killed you while you were offline :)

Next major change is the introduction of light and visibility system at night. Now all health bars and nicknames will be hidden by default if the player or a creature is in complete darkness. You will be able to see them either only when you approach or if you are holding a light source. In fact, whether or not you see something now entirely depends on the light radius of any light source, including the light from other characters and world objects!

Another improvement have been made to deposit claiming and contesting mechanic. Notification about the newly spawned Oil/Li deposit and its coordinates will be displayed to players who have Xenogeology tech unlocked. And now they cannot be claimed earlier than 30 minutes after spawning, so all of the interested players can now contest this resource.

Many improvements have been made to PvP balance. Biggest change being - any PvP damage have been reduced by half, which means that any fights between players will be twice as long now. It doesn't affect weapon or armor balance in any way, as this change is applied at the last moment after all other calculations. Oh, and also there is no friendly fire now, so you don't have to worry about damaging your friends in a heated fight.
And the last and our favorite change - character status effects (such as bleeding or radiation) now include a detailed tooltip with all of their properties and effects. Just hover your mouse over any of the effects and you will see all of their detailed stats.

On the modding side of things - server rates have now exposed in a separate config file with 16 rates available for customization. You can quickly change things like LP gain rate, increase item drops, reduce player to player damage to zero or even increase the damage from creatures and make it really tough for the players!

Obviously, this is just scratching the surface and the actual patch notes include almost a hundred other changes in total. As always, you can find a detailed list of changes on the forums.

Oh, and you've probably noticed in the title for this update - CryoFall now has Steam Trading Cards!

Please let us know what you think about this update and give the game another try if you haven't played recently! Oh, and no wipe this time! We were able to make all of these changes compatible with the existing saves :)

The next big update together with the wipe is still planned for May and it will finally introduce PvE game mode on separate servers and many other changes and new content! Stay tuned! There's a lot to come in the following months. We are here for the long haul to make CryoFall the best game it can be! :)

Upcoming PvE mode and our plans for the future

Added on 8 April 2019 by ai_enabled.

First of all, we want to thank everyone who purchased the game and we are very happy with how well the game was received. Most reviews are incredibly positive!

We're also aware that for some players the initial experience in the game can be a bit frustrating with unrestricted PvP. There are very generous people who share their items and experience with new players, but there are also some bad apples, who want nothing else, but to grief other people. This is certainly something that we want to address as soon as we can. So we're currently working on a patch to provide some protection for the new players who just joined the server. At least to provide enough time for new players to finish the first quests, learn the basics of the game and build a small house. Though this protection will be optional so you will be able to turn it off if you’d rather jump straight into action.

In addition to this simple newbie protection, we are also working on a much bigger update that will introduce completely separate PvE servers. PvE servers will allow peaceful cohabitation on the same server without worrying about being killed or raided. This game mode will be intended for people who just want to enjoy the game, learn technology and explore the world of CryoFall. Naturally, you will still be able to fight hostile creatures, but you won’t have to worry about other players attacking you (without your explicit consent, at least). We are also very excited to see what other types of player interaction it could bring. We are envisioning large cities with trading hubs and many other types of creative interactions! :)

Naturally, we're also working on PvP rebalancing—for release we had to nerf the bombs quite a bit to allow a bit more peaceful gameplay, but when we will have separate PvE server we will be able to revert this change. Though, unrestricted raiding has its own drawbacks, so we are considering many other balancing changes and especially some new ideas to address offline raiding as we are very much unhappy with the idea in its entirety. PvP should be more brutal, but also much more fair—giving an opportunity for you to defend yourself and a fair challenge and great reward for an attacker.

We also need to communicate one important aspect of the Early Access—the concept of server wipes as it was a surprise to a number of people. So, here is the explanation that we owe you.
The practice of regular server wipes is pretty normal for multiplayer survival games in early access and wipes happen regularly in those games to give players a new challenge, level the playing field as well as test new features that are introduced in each update. And we are also following the same practice with our wipes. Naturally, we don’t want to randomly wipe the servers without prior notice and a reason. In fact, we only wipe servers when we release a new major update. This is also required due to compatibility reasons. The game is still in a very active stage of development, so many changes that we introduce break compatibility across version, leaving us no choice but to wipe the servers. But then again, based on our experience during our year of public alpha testing most people actually look forward to those wipes as it gives them an opportunity to start anew, in a fresh economy and with new features after each update! So, we will keep this practice for the time being, at least for the next several months.

Naturally, if you are running a private or community server—it is up to you whether you want to wipe and when. We have no say in this :)
So, if you’d like to play without ever restarting—you can either run your custom server or join one of the available community servers that are dedicated towards long term play.
Also, you will always be able to run older versions of the game and keep playing on any version you’d like.

And that’s it for the time being! As stated above—we are incredibly happy with the response we received from your guys, honestly, we cannot overstate how well the game was received and we can only say that we will do our absolute best to give you the best experience we can! We will keep working hard to make CryoFall even better game! :)

CryoFall is out on Steam Early Access

Added on 3 April 2019 by Lurler.

Today we are happy to announce that CryoFall is finally released on Steam Early Access!

It has been a long journey to this point, but it has finally happened! The game is now available worldwide for everyone to purchase and play.

With this release we are also launching many new servers to cover all major regions and offering the game in many languages. We hope that with your continued help and support—CryoFall reaches success on Steam helping us turn it into a long-running project that we can support with many interesting updates for a long time, each one making the game even better than it already is.

We also want to thank everyone who helped us get here. It was only possible with the great support of our community for the past year that CryoFall was in open alpha. It really helped us shape the game into what it is today. CryoFall may look simple at first glance, but it is an incredibly complex game and we can thank our community for that! You can follow our future plans on CryoFall roadmap.

But right now the most important part is the launch! Watch our new trailer and head over to CryoFall Steam page to grab your copy to finally enjoy this game in its full glory!

Are you a member of the press or a youtuber/streamer? Feel free to get in touch with us to receive your press copy of the game.

CryoFall - Publishing Announcement

Added on 14 March 2019 by Lurler.

Today we have really important news for CryoFall. We are happy to announce our partnership with Daedalic Entertainment who will be publishing the game. We hope that with their reach and experience in the industry we can ensure a successful launch for CryoFall! Not only that, but thanks to their support we will be able to offer CryoFall in a number of different languages helping the game reach much wider audience!

We are also happy to announce the release date for CryoFall on Steam – the game will become available in Early Access on April 3rd, 2019! Make sure you add it to your wishlist and don’t miss the launch!

With the additional feedback from players on Steam we are hoping to accelerate further development and bring even bigger updates as we continued to release up until now while the game was in open alpha state.

We are just getting started!

CryoFall: Modding Update (A18) is out!

Added on 23 January 2019 by Lurler.

Wow, our last blogpost was in November. This is probably the biggest delay between two versions. But there is a good reason for it!

As you might have already seen from the title of this post - CryoFall now officially and fully supports modding! You can now download our custom Visual Studio 2017 extension and start hacking away! Not to mention - the game is 100% opensource which means you can see how any part of the game works under the hood and replicate or change it in your mod. It was certainly possible before, but now we've made some necessary improvements to ensure you can safely and easily install mods and develop your own with all the necessary tools. This update also saw the long awaited scripting API improvements.

We're also providing the CryoFall Editor now so you can more easily create and test your mods without having to run a full server and also create your own custom maps. It is the same map editor we use internally so it has all of the features available to us.

The Game Launcher was also updated to provide all the necessary features such as one-click installation of mods (delivered as .mpk (mod pack) files).

There are still some things we would like to add in the near future such as proper documentation and API reference, tutorials, mod samples, possibly even a modding portal, so there's certainly a lot more to come regarding modding in the future! In the mean time we hope to see some interesting content from you!

But obviously this update wouldn't be as interesting without additions to the game itself. So here are some notable changes:

  • Environmental Psi and Heat status effects.
  • New tier of defensive structures.
  • Multitude of new weapons & items such as Laser rapier (energy based melee weapon), many new ammo types (12ga buck shot, 12ga salt charge, 10mm blank ammo, etc.), new resonance bomb (able to penetrate many layers of walls), new medicine, generic items, etc.
  • Pragmium armor (and new T4 Defense technology group).
  • New quests & changes to existing quests.
  • New cybernetic implant: Healing gland (grants improved regeneration).
  • Oil and Lithium sources now deplete and respawn in the world. This prevents any single group from controlling them indefinitely. They can also be destroyed with explosives.
  • And much more! See full patchnotes here.

There are also many nice visual improvements, such as animated grass and plants you can see below.

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server: https://discord.gg/pRMGjRz
   - Forums: http://forums.atomictorch.com
   - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cryofall/
   - Twitter list: https://twitter.com/Lurlerrr/lists/atomictorch-studio
   - Official website: http://cryofall.com/
   - Development blog: https://atomictorch.com (this blog)

CryoFall: Pragmium Update (A17) is out!

Added on 9 November 2018 by Lurler.

And we are back with the long awaited A17 update! We are calling it "Pragmium Update" named after the most important mineral it introduces.

As many of you are aware this time we decided to focus exclusively on gameplay features and content without spending much time on technical changes like we usually did before. This enabled us to introduce huge amount of gameplay features, so much in fact that CryoFall almost feels like a different game! :)

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here and just go over some of the major features one by one.

Let's start with the biggest addition this time - the implant system!

You can unlock new technology group called "Cybernetics" and with it - access to the automated medical station which allows you to install cybernetic implants. Implants can be crafted from the new rare mineral called Pragmium. Each implant has a unique funcion from simple night vision (artificial retina) to ATP energy extractor which you can use to power your devices.

And that leads us to the second major addition - energy system! Now you can equip powerbanks that store energy. That energy could be used to power a number of different devices and items. But you will probably be interested to know that in addition to devices there's a whole separate weapon class now - energy weapons. You can unlock this T4 group and gains access to several energy weapons.

But changes in A17 are not limited to just end-game additions of course. We have also completely changed how technology trees work and now all tech tree nodes have unique icons to help you make sense of stuff you unlock. This also enabled us to significantly rework the entire technology part of the game and introduce many new items and recipes. In fact - total number of unlockable technologies increased from 10,000 worth of LP (learning points) to more than 16,000!

Example of that is the new reworked cooking system with a new cooking table specifically targeted to lower tier recipes, which you can see above.

Now, it is probably a good idea to show the actual thing - Pragmium mineral!

You can find and mine it in the desert. But... let's just say it has some "unique properties". So beware when being around one ;)

Naturally, there are hundreds of other changes big and small as well! You can find detailed patchnotes on the forums as usual.

And most importantly - don't forget to join our Discord channel to stay informated about all of the important changes and events. We post all upcoming features there every single day and provide access to experimental updates long before public releases.

Anyway, we hope to see you in the game now!

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