Out of Steam Early Access!

Added on 1 May 2021 by ai_enabled.

We're happy to announce that CryoFall has just left Steam Early Access!

This is a big moment for the development team! As we are celebrating this milestone, we also know there is a long way ahead with making CryoFall an even better game. We're grateful to our Early Access players, publisher, translators, additional contributors, open source maintainers, our families and friends, and many other people that have given us their help and showed patience to allow us to bring the game to this milestone. Thank you, guys!

The game has been in active development since late 2015—yes, roughly five years, two of which in Steam Early Access. We started from scratch by writing a custom game engine, and over the years we've added everything we wanted to see in the release version and ensured that the game offers a smooth experience with no bugs or other issues. We are proud to present the current iteration of the game for public view and the enjoyment of thousands of players!

Let's check some of the important things that you need to keep track of before proceeding to play the 1.0!


Version naming change

To avoid confusion with 1.0 numeration and our established naming scheme, the latest major update A30 (v0.30) is now renamed to R30 (v1.30). Every future major update will follow this scheme—e.g. R31, R32, and, hopefully, so on!


Demo version

Same as before, we will continue to offer a free demo version of the game, which is actually a full version of the game that you can play for 8 hours on any of the official servers. So, if you (or your friends) are considering whether to take the plunge and purchase CryoFall—hesitate no longer! Simply try the demo and judge for yourself if CryoFall is the game for you!

We will also reset the demo timer with the v1.0 release giving players that have already tried the demo extra time to evaluate the game.


Future development

The release of version 1.0 doesn't mean we will stop here. It's a major milestone that we will follow up with future improvements to expand the world, bringing in more content and features. This is the most exciting time in development, as the game will have more players than ever, providing their feedback and helping us to shape the future of the game!

We're planning to provide a detailed roadmap soon after the release hype is over and we can take a good breath.


PvP servers

As promised, official PvP servers were wiped today to offer a fresh economy and ensure a level playing field for everyone. The future schedule will follow our standard for official PvP servers with a four-week wipe cycle.

With the v1.0 release, we've considered launching an official PvP server in North America, however, there is something better now! You will be delighted to know that a new featured community server CryoFive North America has just opened. It offers the most balanced experience for PvP players in this region! With a strict limit of 5 players per team (no alliances) and reputable administration enforcing this rule, you can have peace of mind that this server provides equal opportunities for everyone to compete. Please also look for featured CryoSmall and CryoFive servers located in Europe if you're looking for a similar experience—they will have a wipe this and the next weekend and many players will rush there to try their skills!


PvE servers

We've launched a new official PvE server: Official UK PvE. We will launch more servers to expand the capacity if necessary.

There will be no wipe on the official PvE servers for at least the next six months after v1.0 releases. We recognize that a portion of PvE players doesn't enjoy the usual session-based approach to server operation (e.g. server wipes), so we will do our absolute best to keep and transfer their progress into future updates without server resets. However, as you know CryoFall is not an MMO with permanent characters but a session-based game with a multitude of independent servers, so no individual server can be permanent. Continued future development means that eventually there may be a need to reset the world to introduce new features and changes to the world map. On the other hand, if you are playing on a private server you are not affected by this, as you can decide when you would like to reset the world (if at all). We will also continue to offer legacy versions of the game for those who would like to use them.



Don't forget to join our Discord server to be aware of all the news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content, features, and other interesting things there regularly and you can chat with us directly if you have any feedback: CryoFall Discord


Thank you and see you in the game!

AtomicTorch Studio