A28 "Justice" Update Release

Added on 3 October 2020 by ai_enabled.

We are happy to announce that the A28 "Justice" Update is now live!

This time it is not our usual huge content release, but rather an equally important technical update. Those of you who play on PvP servers didn't like that certain mods offered certain advantages to its users, so in order to improve the balance for PvP players, we have introduced several changes to the game that remove any possibility to gain an unfair advantage and reignite the fire of competition on PvP servers. But obviously, these are not the only changes in this version. A28 introduces a large number of different QoL and balance improvements.

Some major changes include:

  • New improved security with executable anti-tampering, binary integrity checks, network encryption, critical component obfuscation, and code virtualization to prevent any client-side modifications when playing on special secure PvP servers. And as always, our existing authoritative server model makes server-state hacks categorically impossible. You can read more about new security features in the patch notes. We feel confident it will put away most hackers but we're also keeping our hand on the pulse to act quickly if we notice anything suspicious.
  • Reworked medical system, now you don't need to spam different medical items in combat and instead need to carefully choose what and when to use, especially in PvP, but it is also important in PvE.
  • You can now see the contents of ALL technological groups regardless of their prerequisites. This will make it easier to plan your technological progression.
  • In PvE you can now build a lithium extractor and oil pump in any biome, so you don't have to have several separate bases. But you can definitely still do that if you want.
  • Significant changes to weapon and ammo balance, the biggest of which is making T3-T5 ammo significantly cheaper. This should make those weapons more useful and you won't have to continue using lower-tier weapons even though you have access to better weapons just to save resources.
  • New laser sight item which can be equipped into the device slot to give all of your weapons laser aiming.
  • Lots of different UI improvements to make things easier to use or more convenient.
  • Many important fixes that address different issues in the game, such as the ability to destroy mechs of other players in PvE. We've ensured that all the reported issues are now fixed.

We have also continued working on the game balance to make progressing smoother and more rewarding. Especially when playing solo and without access to help from other players. You will now be able to access more T4 and T5 technologies easier without the need to farm resources.

As always, you can find detailed patch notes on our forums.

Obviously, it is not the extent of the work that was done. Originally we planned to have "Factions Update" released as A28 but had to postpone it for A29 because the game urgently needed fixes that we mentioned above and in patch notes. But thankfully none of that work has been lost and while the aforementioned fixes were implemented we continued working on new content and features and when A29 finally hits it will include double the amount of new content and features, so definitely stay tuned! Massive changes are inbound! Not only the faction system, but completely reworked map (with warp points!), all new raid-boss and new monsters, and a massive amount of new items, buildings, and new features in general!

Don't forget to join our Discord to be aware of all the news and updates. We post a lot of upcoming content art and other interesting things there regularly and you can chat with us directly if you have any feedback: https://discordapp.com/invite/cryofall

That's it for now! See you in the game!