VoidExpanse guides review

Added on 17 July 2015 by Silberspeer.

It's time for some guides! You know, we always appreciate user-generated content and these guides is a perfect opportunity for our players to release their creative potential. In addition to that it can help other players learn more things about VoidExpanse. So, today we'll make a short review of them.

One of our friends finished creating a really ingenious and interesting guide Mining addictions". Basically this is a mining guide with some advices how to make it a most profitable job which brings a lot of fun. We chose it to be first in this review because of its very creative and fun approach to the VoidExpanse playing. So, the best you can do now is read the guide, power up your mining laser and get rich!

The largest guide at the moment - “Slimelord's Guide to Void Expanse” created by SlimelordIt is a impressive work which describes all of the quests in VoidExpanse as well as many other interesting aspects of the game. We know that creation of this guide took a lot of time and effort and we really appreciate it! Actually, this is a measurement standard for guide composing.

Third useful guide is Basic Trading Primer from one of our most active friends loudent2This guide is also about getting rich in the most comfortable way but using some other in-game activity - trading. It explains a lot of things but it actually needs some checking because the trade system was rebalanced recently.

The last – and also “about hoarding wealth” guide is “Time is money” created by neong. This guide is quite informative and gives you a good overall view on getting rich with fun and efficiency. Also great work and composing, it is highly recommended for new players interested in some free roaming game style and not fond of quest or storyline running.