We are growing even bigger

Added on 24 August 2015 by Lurler.

Hello everyone! We have another good news for you. Well, at least it is good for us :) Anyway, we have a new member of the team bringing the total count to five! Not counting all other people who work with us remotely and help with things like music, sound or other. As always, I will let the guy introduce himself.

"Hi, guys! I'm a new developer at AtomicTorch Studio. Well, technically I've been helping with stuff here for some time already, but now I'm an official member of the team.
And a bit of a back story is in order I guess? Since I saw my first computer I dreamed about a job in game development industry, but as you can imagine the way to my dream was longer than I expected :)
But finally I'm here and I feel it will be legen - wait for it - dary!"
Lurler edit: Dude, that last part is a bit too much :)

Don't forget to follow him on twitter as well - @KovalchukSerg.