Update v1.5 is here!

Added on 8 October 2015 by Lurler.

Our next update is finally ready and officially released! But what's new this time? Let's take a look at some of the interesting additions and changes with this update!

New weapons - We've introduced a few new and interesting weapons. This time we added new mechanics along with it as well. You can find mine deploying missile or auto-swivel cannons, but most fun of all is the solar blaster!

Updated map system - Not only does it look better but map generation is improved as well.

Improved AI - Remember how pirates used to ram your ship in the past? That will happen no more! But aside from that their AI has been improved overall making all enemies you encounter in VoidExpanse much smarter and more interesting.

New content - A few new items have been added that you can purchase for your ship.

Stability improvements - And that is specifically the focus of this update. We've spent a lot of time polishing every bit of code to make sure that the game runs as smoothly as possible, but most importantly that there are not bugs on any systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) under any circumstances.

Possibilities for modding - As you requested on the forums - we've added a few new properties to data files and new API for scripting. So if that's your thing - make sure you see what's available for modding now!

...and a host of other new updates and changes! Make sure to let us know what you think about the update!

As always, you can read detailed patch notes on our forums.