AtomicTorch is proud to announce Dinocide!

Added on 17 October 2015 by Lurler.

AtomicTorch is proud to announce Dinocide, an upcoming prehistoric adventure!

In a prehistoric world, man’s best friend takes on a different, more reptilian form. To face the unknown dangers of a forgotten age, you’ll need to pair up with one of these majestic mounts to save the love of your life from an evil dino god. Ride high in the sky on a Pterodactyl, or choose the stomping incinerator known as Tyranno, among many more mountable dinosaur friends!

In Dinocide, dinosaurs not only offer friendly solace, but serve as a key mechanic to the way you will tackle the levels. Each dinosaur comes with a unique set of abilities that will directly help or hurt your success based on the area of the world you’re playing in. These locations vary from jungles, forests, lava caves, ice plains and deserts, and offer different enemies and platforming that you will have to overcome.

Health is based on a balance of hunger and damage taken, benefiting both fast-paced and methodical playstyles. Tackle levels slowly to replenish health and limit damage, or speed through at a breakneck pace to limit hunger—both can help you stay alive in a world inhabited by dozens of unruly creatures.

To learn more about Dinocide, visit the official website here:

We expect to launch a Greenlight campaign, trailer and a demo relatively soon, so make sure to check our blog once in a while! ;)

Additionally, if you'd like to support the development even before the official release - we have opened a preorders page as well.