AtomicTorch is proud to announce CryoFall!

Added on 1 August 2016 by Lurler.

Today we are proud to announce CryoFall - our brand-new title powered by an in-house developed Renkei engine geared towards massive online interactions.


What is CryoFall?

You have survived falling from the skies. Your ship is destroyed. You've landed on an unknown planet not marked on any starmaps and have no idea what’s going on. Find your way out from this world or make it your new home.

Discover the story of this planet, reason why it's not marked on any starmaps, its dark secrets dwelling behind the closed doors of sealed laboratories. Travel through uncharted lands with various biomes, all carefully hand-crafted by our designers.

Togeteher with dozens of other survivors create your own cities, economy, industry, invite your friends to join you in your exploits and uncover the mystery behind this world.


What's ahead?

From this day onward you may expect more news on CryoFall, various screenshots and devblogs dedicated to the development of the game! So stay tuned and welcome to CryoFall!

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