CryoFall Dev.Blog #3 - Armor & Damage model

Added on 17 August 2016 by Lurler.

It's Wednesday now, so it means we are going to continue talking about CryoFall. Last time I explained about weapons in the game, so this time it would be logical to take a look at the opposite side of the equation - the equipment in the game.

Above you can see some simple pieces of equipment: normal clothes, as well as some military gear.

Each piece of equipment provides a number of bonuses to your character, but main thing why you would want to get yourself good gear is obviously for its defense stats. So, how does it all work?

Above you can see the icons for all damage types available in the game, but let's go over everything and see what's what.

  • Rupture (icon with three slashes) - combines different melee attacks, mostly from monsters, but also from other sources.
  • Impact (icon with bullet holes) - generally represents defense against kinetic weapons (you know the "pew-pew" kind).
  • Fire, Cold, Electricity, Chemical, Radiation, Psy - represents defense agains different enviromental hazards as well as some specialized exotic weapons.

Before settling on this list of damage types we had a whole list of types that we were considering. If you are curious: Impact, Blunt, Slashing, Rupture, Piercing, Burn, Freeze, Chemical, Poison, Radiation, Electricity, Explosion, Psy. But in the end I think what we have now covers the most diverse array of possible weapons and enviromental effects without overcomplicating the system.