CryoFall Dev.Blog #21 - Environmental assets

Added on 6 June 2017 by Lurler.

Hey there!

Just a short one today. A small update on CryoFall visual content development and specifically environmental assets, decorations or just "props" as we call them.

If you were a part of our previous closed test you might have noticed quite a lot of different assets that made up one of the abandoned bases. Now, we continue working on those.

However, in this case the most interesting part is the fact that they aren't really just decorations - they do in fact have a very specific purpose in the game. And that is their radioactivity!

Besides cool rugged looks that our artist managed to depict quite well, they will also be emitting a substantial amount of radiation wherever they're placed. So, old laboratories or abandoned bunkers (with lots of loot) could be quite dangerous - beware!