CryoFall Alpha 13 is out!

Added on 1 June 2018 by Lurler.

Greetings friends!

We are continuing with CryoFall development and the new version is finally ready.

This time we have some major changes, the primary of which is the new quest system!

For the time being its primary purpose is to serve as a kind of tutorial to introduce new players to the game and offer some goals to aim towards in the beginning, but with each subsequent update we are planning to add even more interesting and challenging tasks.

The same system of requirements that is currently used for quests will also be used for achivements in the future! Basically two sand crawlers with one rocket launcher :)

Another large update is complete overhaul of points of interests (ruins, etc.) with tiered approach. Lower tiers would be perfectly suitable to all new players, even without any equipment, but more difficult areas will require substantial investment into a good gear and weapons to be able to clear them. This should offer interesting progression system as well.

Another major change is the improvements to general usability and accessibility, for example you can now use items directly from inventory or by using keyboard shortcuts. Things like that don't change much, but certainly make any game more user friendly.

This of course goes along with our usual content expansion. Some new items include respirator (early game environmental protection gear), new decorations, saplings (and ability to plant trees), new fridge (evaporative type), new water type - lake (and ability to draw water from water bodies), new recipes, new technologies and many more!

You can find detailed list of changes for this update on our forums.

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