CryoFall: Pragmium Update (A17) is out!

Added on 9 November 2018 by Lurler.

And we are back with the long awaited A17 update! We are calling it "Pragmium Update" named after the most important mineral it introduces.

As many of you are aware this time we decided to focus exclusively on gameplay features and content without spending much time on technical changes like we usually did before. This enabled us to introduce huge amount of gameplay features, so much in fact that CryoFall almost feels like a different game! :)

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here and just go over some of the major features one by one.

Let's start with the biggest addition this time - the implant system!

You can unlock new technology group called "Cybernetics" and with it - access to the automated medical station which allows you to install cybernetic implants. Implants can be crafted from the new rare mineral called Pragmium. Each implant has a unique funcion from simple night vision (artificial retina) to ATP energy extractor which you can use to power your devices.

And that leads us to the second major addition - energy system! Now you can equip powerbanks that store energy. That energy could be used to power a number of different devices and items. But you will probably be interested to know that in addition to devices there's a whole separate weapon class now - energy weapons. You can unlock this T4 group and gains access to several energy weapons.

But changes in A17 are not limited to just end-game additions of course. We have also completely changed how technology trees work and now all tech tree nodes have unique icons to help you make sense of stuff you unlock. This also enabled us to significantly rework the entire technology part of the game and introduce many new items and recipes. In fact - total number of unlockable technologies increased from 10,000 worth of LP (learning points) to more than 16,000!

Example of that is the new reworked cooking system with a new cooking table specifically targeted to lower tier recipes, which you can see above.

Now, it is probably a good idea to show the actual thing - Pragmium mineral!

You can find and mine it in the desert. But... let's just say it has some "unique properties". So beware when being around one ;)

Naturally, there are hundreds of other changes big and small as well! You can findĀ detailed patchnotes on the forums as usual.

And most importantly - don't forget to join ourĀ Discord channel to stay informated about all of the important changes and events. We post all upcoming features there every single day and provide access to experimental updates long before public releases.

Anyway, we hope to see you in the game now!