A23 Update Announcement

Added on 6 August 2019 by Lurler.

We are happy to announce that Electricity Update is going to be released on August 12! We will make a release announcement when the update happens, but for the time being, we wanted to give you a short preview.

This update is quite large and took much more time to finish—in fact, it's probably a bit too large so in the future we would prefer to make smaller updates but deliver them more often (roughly every 4-6 weeks). Also, it's the first update which was tested in Experimental branch by our community—and it was a great success as we were able to dramatically improve it thanks to everyone who has participated and provided their feedback!

So, what's new? We're introducing Electricity system! Establishing a power grid for your base is an important step toward increased efficiency, production, and security. Many new advanced structures (such as electric furnace and freezer) require electricity to operate, which could be provided from various generators (such as steam, solar, gasoline, and even a bioreactor!). We've ensured that this system is simple yet powerful so we can use it as a foundation for a lot of new, reworked, and future content.

Many players asked us if we can implement items repair mechanic. We've considered various options and implemented the Tinker table—a new structure which will allow you to combine two broken items into one repaired and also restore some extra percent of durability based on the new Maintenance skill you can master.

We've added several new creatures and two new biomes (swamps and volcanic) and expanded the map a bit. You can find the latest map here.

Recently, we've run a survey to determine the players' satisfaction with the game and gather feedback. Majority of players voted to make the game progression a bit faster and to get rid of LP loss on death. We've applied the required changes now! And we will listen to your feedback after the update is released to consider further changes.

Another important changes are status effect icons over the affected characters and reworked hitboxes. This makes PvP fights much more interesting, especially during base raids!

Overall, there are almost 200 major changes. You can find detailed patch notes on Official Forums.

Starting with A23 version, featured community servers will be displayed together with the official servers, making them much more popular. If you've considered to play on CryoSmall (community server with a limit on the party size and strict moderation)—it's a good time to prepare for the wipe and A23 launch!

Anyway, just a few more days left! Stay tuned! When the update hits—we welcome you to join all the freshly started servers (server wipe) with a new economy for this A23 update!