VoidExpanse - Update v0.7.10

Added on 11 April 2014 by Lurler.

And it is finally done! This update primarily addresses all the reports that were given on the forums. Really big thanks guys! We were also able to slip some improvements to the game along with bugfixes. Overal I am very pleased with the work done this week. I hope you will like the changes! As usual find the list of updates below.

Oh, and below is an example of a rediculous face you can now create :) PS - there are also Hulk Hogan mustache available :)

New features:

  • Added industrial miner 2.
  • New generator (tritium + capacitor).
  • Whole lot of new face parts for character generator.
  • Consumables drop from pirates.
  • Added autosave interval setting to options.


  • Consumables can now be equipped in flight. You don't need to dock to a station to do that.
  • Signposting - we have added clear indications to some actions to make it more clear why you can't do something or how you should do it.
  • Modified and rebalanced Avalanche hulls - now they are actually made for speed as it was intended.
  • Added missing icon for the first quest item.
  • Increased energy capacity for all generators.
  • Tooltips for ships now show tracking angle and tracking speed for each weapon.
  • Other small changes.


  • Fixed bugs with some quests. Particularly the Scurvy quest was changed significantly.
  • Fixed unequipping of devices when changing hulls.
  • Now it doesn't tell you "Docking failed" when you already docking.
  • Fixed NPC dialogs and container exchange states closing.
  • Now you cannot talk to turret platforms and pirates.
  • Fixed the problem with conversations when you talk to another ship, exit with Esc, the ship was zoomed-in and unresponsive.

Known problems:

  • Path to the game must not contain unicode symbols. Basically only symbols in default Eng keyboard are allowed. It should be fixed soon.

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