Dinocide Trailer!

Added on 19 November 2015 by Lurler.

We are happy to announce that the Dinocide trailer is available now!

Let us know on the forums what you think!

Dinocide demo is now available!

Added on 18 November 2015 by Lurler.

We have an excellent piece of news to report! Most of the work on our upcoming project - Dinocide is finally complete and Dinocide demo is ready to be played and available for downloads!

The demo allows you to play three completely different levels giving you a good taste of the game. These are not in-game locations, but specially designed demo-levels which should give you a good understanding about the core mechanics of the game and what it is about.

And couple of words about the project: We created Dinocide under strong influence of classical NES platformers and we want to invoke the same feeling of that old console gaming. Dinocide is a story of a prehistoric man who must rescues his love from the paws of an evil and mysterious Dinosaur god.

You can download the demo from the Dinocide website: http://dinocide.com/

And we would like to remind you that you can already preorder Dinocide in our official store - here.

Dinocide wallpapers!

Added on 19 October 2015 by Lurler.

We have some excellent news for everyone who preordered Dinocide (or going to).

As the work on the game continues and in fact very close to completion, we decided to make a small present to players who decided to support us! As promised we have created a collection of cool wallpapers which you can now download. You can do that in your "my games & items" page as always.

PS - here is a couple of wallpapers even if you haven't preordered the game :)

Stay tuned, we have more surprises for you!

AtomicTorch is proud to announce Dinocide!

Added on 17 October 2015 by Lurler.

AtomicTorch is proud to announce Dinocide, an upcoming prehistoric adventure!

In a prehistoric world, man’s best friend takes on a different, more reptilian form. To face the unknown dangers of a forgotten age, you’ll need to pair up with one of these majestic mounts to save the love of your life from an evil dino god. Ride high in the sky on a Pterodactyl, or choose the stomping incinerator known as Tyranno, among many more mountable dinosaur friends!

In Dinocide, dinosaurs not only offer friendly solace, but serve as a key mechanic to the way you will tackle the levels. Each dinosaur comes with a unique set of abilities that will directly help or hurt your success based on the area of the world you’re playing in. These locations vary from jungles, forests, lava caves, ice plains and deserts, and offer different enemies and platforming that you will have to overcome.

Health is based on a balance of hunger and damage taken, benefiting both fast-paced and methodical playstyles. Tackle levels slowly to replenish health and limit damage, or speed through at a breakneck pace to limit hunger—both can help you stay alive in a world inhabited by dozens of unruly creatures.

To learn more about Dinocide, visit the official website here: http://dinocide.com

We expect to launch a Greenlight campaign, trailer and a demo relatively soon, so make sure to check our blog once in a while! ;)

Additionally, if you'd like to support the development even before the official release - we have opened a preorders page as well.

Update v1.5 is here!

Added on 8 October 2015 by Lurler.

Our next update is finally ready and officially released! But what's new this time? Let's take a look at some of the interesting additions and changes with this update!

New weapons - We've introduced a few new and interesting weapons. This time we added new mechanics along with it as well. You can find mine deploying missile or auto-swivel cannons, but most fun of all is the solar blaster!

Updated map system - Not only does it look better but map generation is improved as well.

Improved AI - Remember how pirates used to ram your ship in the past? That will happen no more! But aside from that their AI has been improved overall making all enemies you encounter in VoidExpanse much smarter and more interesting.

New content - A few new items have been added that you can purchase for your ship.

Stability improvements - And that is specifically the focus of this update. We've spent a lot of time polishing every bit of code to make sure that the game runs as smoothly as possible, but most importantly that there are not bugs on any systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) under any circumstances.

Possibilities for modding - As you requested on the forums - we've added a few new properties to data files and new API for scripting. So if that's your thing - make sure you see what's available for modding now!

...and a host of other new updates and changes! Make sure to let us know what you think about the update!

As always, you can read detailed patch notes on our forums.

AtomicTorch Game Launcher

Added on 21 September 2015 by Lurler.

As you may know we have our custom launcher to make it easier for you to download and install our games. In fact when using this launcher you don't need to do neither downloading nor installation.

You can simply drop a single executable file on your desktop or anywhere else and it will take care of everything for you. And we have just updated it. If you haven't tried it yet it would be a good idea to try now!

Here is the new interface:

As usually you can download the starter in your "My Games & Items" page once you login.


We are growing even bigger

Added on 24 August 2015 by Lurler.

Hello everyone! We have another good news for you. Well, at least it is good for us :) Anyway, we have a new member of the team bringing the total count to five! Not counting all other people who work with us remotely and help with things like music, sound or other. As always, I will let the guy introduce himself.

"Hi, guys! I'm a new developer at AtomicTorch Studio. Well, technically I've been helping with stuff here for some time already, but now I'm an official member of the team.
And a bit of a back story is in order I guess? Since I saw my first computer I dreamed about a job in game development industry, but as you can imagine the way to my dream was longer than I expected :)
But finally I'm here and I feel it will be legen - wait for it - dary!"
Lurler edit: Dude, that last part is a bit too much :)

Don't forget to follow him on twitter as well - @KovalchukSerg.

More languages for VoidExpanse!

Added on 27 July 2015 by Silberspeer.

We are pleased to announce that VoidExpanse is now localized into most major European languages!

Our fans have been working on these localizations for quite some time now, but now that slash111 has released an Italian localization we decided that it is finally time to let you guys know that there are quite a few more languages available for the game than just the two default ones which are English and Russian.

Currently there are five language localization mods available for VoidExpanse: Italian created by slash111, French by targus929, Spanish by MetalWAR, German by Alex[GER] and also Polish localization created by Crinigium.

These localizations are available as mods you can download from VoidExpanse Steam Workshop and enable to play the game more comfortably in a language you prefer. Please note, however, that we do not speak these languages ourselves, so we have no way to check the quality of these localizations, if there are any mistakes, and such. But either way, we would like to thank all the authors for their great work making VoidExpanse closer to the players!

VoidExpanse guides review

Added on 17 July 2015 by Silberspeer.

It's time for some guides! You know, we always appreciate user-generated content and these guides is a perfect opportunity for our players to release their creative potential. In addition to that it can help other players learn more things about VoidExpanse. So, today we'll make a short review of them.

One of our friends finished creating a really ingenious and interesting guide Mining addictions". Basically this is a mining guide with some advices how to make it a most profitable job which brings a lot of fun. We chose it to be first in this review because of its very creative and fun approach to the VoidExpanse playing. So, the best you can do now is read the guide, power up your mining laser and get rich!

The largest guide at the moment - “Slimelord's Guide to Void Expanse” created by SlimelordIt is a impressive work which describes all of the quests in VoidExpanse as well as many other interesting aspects of the game. We know that creation of this guide took a lot of time and effort and we really appreciate it! Actually, this is a measurement standard for guide composing.

Third useful guide is Basic Trading Primer from one of our most active friends loudent2This guide is also about getting rich in the most comfortable way but using some other in-game activity - trading. It explains a lot of things but it actually needs some checking because the trade system was rebalanced recently.

The last – and also “about hoarding wealth” guide is “Time is money” created by neong. This guide is quite informative and gives you a good overall view on getting rich with fun and efficiency. Also great work and composing, it is highly recommended for new players interested in some free roaming game style and not fond of quest or storyline running. 

VoidExpanse Daily deal on Steam

Added on 8 July 2015 by Silberspeer.

Good news, everyone! VoidExpanse is currently available on Steam with 25% discount! The offer is available untill 10AM PST, July 9th! You can purcase it directly from VoidExpanse Steam Page.

We would also like to remind you that we recently released a large Сontent update which means absolutely new playing experience and a lots of new cool features and content!

Remember, there is not so much time left, so grab the game now!

VoidExpanse v1.4 is here!

Added on 23 June 2015 by Lurler.

Our first and largest after-release content update is finally ready and live! As always, you can grab it on Steam or on our website.

But what's new this time? Let's take a look at some major features!

Hacking - long awaited hacking mechanics has been implemented. Now you can find abandoned terminals in space and hack them to receive some interesting loot.

New skills & skill categories - we decided to reorganize all skill trees and add new skill category called "industry". In addition to that we also implemented half a dozen new skills. Some of them are related to newly added hacking or to increase experience from trading if that's the route you would like to choose.

System patrols - now your attacks on civilian ships won't be ignored and system patrols will be immediately dispatched if you decide that "you are a pirate!" :)

More life in space - more traveling traiders and civilian ships in general, system patrols, etc. Simply put the space is a bit less empty now! Especially in faction systems.

New ships, weapons & items - a whole load of new content has been added. That includes several new ships, as well as faction unique ships that you can get by joining a particular faction!

New interactive objects in space such as refuel and repair mini-stations to make long trips easier.

...and a host of other new content and features! You can find detailed list of changes on our forums as always! Make sure to let us know what you think about the update!


But that's not all!

We have another good news for you. Even though the Steam Summer Sale event is over we decided to keep the 25% discount for VoidExpanse for another week! So, even if you missed your opportunity during the event you can still grab the game for cheap from our official store! Naturally, you will also get the Steam key as well.

VoidExpanse - v1.4 Update - Teaser

Added on 18 June 2015 by Lurler.

It is finally time! Well, almost :)

We are putting some finishing touches on this update and will be ready to release the experimental version in a few days. And to make the wait a bit easier (or more difficult?) for you, here is a small teaser trailer that shows a couple of features that were added in this update.

Some of the things that are shown in the video: new ships, new weapons, hacking system, new skills, new skill categories, new active devices, interactive space objects, longer trails for ships and projectiles, faction patrol system, etc.

This update is going to be big. Stay tuned for the release in a few days!

VoidExpanse ships: Stryker

Added on 27 May 2015 by Lurler.

VoidExpanse scientists and engineers continue their work developing brand new combat spacecrafts. And here is another product of their relentless efforts - Stryker, the new assault frigate.

Belonging to the heavy frigates class, Stryker is a classic pattern of a "ship built around the gun". But in this case it's a powerful rocket launcher pod able to shoot any kind of missiles or torpedoes up to the Tier II variants. Due to space-demanding rocket launchers construction, the main weapon system is situated in the middle of the hull being fixed-mounted.

To provide sufficient protection as well as assault abilities there are also two universal energy/ballistic weapon hardpoints at the sides of the ship. Both have a wide rotation ark covering almost all the space around the Stryker.

This masterpiece of space ship building art designed for high speed assault against the enemy of almost any size. Side turrets can provide good reach in the combat with smaller crafts, while massive rocket launcher is able to deliver deadly punch to the large vessels at long distances.

Powerful engine and oversized main gun brought Strykers design to real lack of armor, so best tactics for this ship will be high-speed boom-zooming the enemy.

Most imporantly, thanks to Ohfive30 for his continued help!

VoidExpanse mod spotlight: Jetisson Cargo & Equipment Pack

Added on 14 May 2015 by Lurler.

Today we have two more interesting mods from one of most active mod creators - loudent2.

First one - "Jettison cargo on death" would be a good option if you can't bear the loss of items when your ship is destroyed. It makes the game a bit easier, but hey, why not? And in multiplayer it allows you to collect the cargo of the destroyed player's ship. But mod creator warns us, however, that there is a danger of duplicating items when mod is used on the lower difficulty settings.

Second mod - "Advanced Equipment Pack" is a pure content mod with two new engines, two new shields, also two energy generators, an RCS, radar and a fuel tank. Those items are better than the stock ones and also more expensive, which is makes sense. This mod also changes the savegame and if you turn the mod off you'll be unable to load the save. So, keep that in mind if you decide to use it.

We would like to thank loudent2 for active participation in the life of VoidExpanse!

VoidExpanse ships: Scarab

Added on 11 May 2015 by Lurler.

So, what's next?

Let's preview one more new ship that's coming with the next big update!

Let me present to you - Scarab. This ship is quite interesting in the way it handles its weapons - it has two rotary mounted cannons on the top, as well as two side facing mine deployment bays (usually mines are deployed from the back of a ship). This arrangement somewhat changes the way you would act in a space combat and I think it is quite a refreshing experience. Not that it's such a big deal, but still :)

This ship is also available in two different variants - for light and heavy frigate classes. It should be an ideal fast combat ship for for all new pilots.

Aside from new content we will have more updates about the new features to come in the next week, when we are closer to the update.

So, what's the ETA you might ask? No exact ETA yet, but we are hoping to have it out by the end of this month!

So, stay tuned and make sure to follow our blog for new updates! :)

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