VoidExpanse Guide: Fastest Ships

Added on 18 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends!

Today we continue showing you different guides dedicated to VoidExpanse. And this time we'd like to show you some of the fastest ships that you can use, their pros and cons compared to other ship types and more.

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VoidExpanse Guide: Mine Weapons

Added on 8 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers! Our fourth guide dedicated to weapons of VoidExpanse is all about Mines! This type of weapons is a bit more tricky, so take a look at how you can operate those things right now!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Missile Weapons

Added on 4 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers! Our third guide on Missiles in VoidExpanse is ready. Take a look at the coolest warheads and most useful skills right now!

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VoidExpanse v1.6.10 Update

Added on 31 March 2016 by Lurler.


We have just released a long awaited update for VoidExpanse. Primary goal of this update was to address several issues related to third party software components that are used in the game. This has finally allowed us to fix a number of longstanding issues, especially for Linux users.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Improved Linux support. This should fix most of the reported crashes and other compatibility problems. Please let us know on the forums if there are any other issues!
  • Improved networking.
  • Fixed "boom" achievement.
  • Fixed issue with weapon binding.
  • And fixed various other issues.

Update v1.6.10:

  • Added quick shortcut: Ctrl+click to start autopilot to the specified location on System or Galaxy map. (for Mac users: Cmd+click also works)
  • Station storage cargo capacity can be modded now!
  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to start a new singleplayer game (with local game server)
  • Fixed dialog window not stretching to fit the message content
  • Improved handling of server errors (better stability and convenience for modding)

VoidExpanse Guide: Ballistic Weapons

Added on 30 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers!

Our next guide on Ballistic Weapons of VoidExpanse is ready. Take a look at the coolest guns and most useful skills right now!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Energy Weapons

Added on 28 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers!

We have prepared a short video guide about Energy Weapons in VoidExpanse. Want to take a look at the coolest lasers and most useful skills? This guide is for you.

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Dinocide - Dev. Talk: Changes since release

Added on 23 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends! Today we're presenting you our first Issue of Dev. Talk video!
In it we have summed up what changes took place in Dinocide since the day of its release!

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Dinocide update v1.4 is out!

Added on 9 March 2016 by Lurler.

Hello, everyone! :)

We are pleased to introduce you our next update to Dinocide!

This update is packed with improvements and a new game mode! First of all, we would like to present you an incredibly challenging “Boss Rush” mode - test your skills in defeating all of the bosses of Dinocide one by one! And newly added Boss Life Meter will help you with that!

Secondly, we have added a new level to the game. Have a nice walk in a scorching desert heat! Besides that, we have also completely reworked the second level in the game with improved visuals and gameplay flow. It is the second level, is HAS to be good! :)

We have also changed the Start Game menu. Rather than jamming everything in one list we created a separate screen where all the game modes are now located.

And even that is not all! Great news for all of our Chinese-speaking dinosaur riders: now the game officially supports Chinese language (both, traditional and simplified)!


Have fun!

Dinocide update v1.3 is out!

Added on 25 February 2016 by Lurler.

Hello, everyone! We are pleased to introduce our next update to Dinocide.

As we promised before - the largest piece of content in this update is two completely new bosses. As you can see in the screenshots it introduces bosses for another two biomes that we have. Each with completely different behavior and approach!

Other important part of this update is some rebalancing. Late game levels seemed to be a bit too difficult so we decided to add a few more weapons there. We also changed the underwater boss balance a little bit. There are also a few bug fixes as well, mostly related to the Unity engine (seriously, they need to fix their stuff).

Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy this update! :)

Dinocide update v1.2 is out!

Added on 5 February 2016 by Lurler.

Hello everyone and we are here with another update for Dinocide!

To be honest we didn't plan to release this update so soon, we wanted to continue working on it and add a few more things, including a new boss. But while working on it we discovered an annoying bug related to food meter. And here is the outcome: Dinocide has a new biome, two more levels and less bugs! :)

As you can see from screenshots the new levels introduce a completely new biome and tileset - American desert! We hope you like it!

Dinocide update v1.1.x is ready!

Added on 1 February 2016 by Lurler.

Good news, everyone! Our team just finished creating a new update of Dinocide. And it is not just a patch or bug fixing update. We have some new content available there!

First and biggest of all the changes is the new boss! You can see it in the picture above. It has some quite interesting mechanics and should be a much more serious challenge than the first boss, which was designed as a sort of introduction.

Second big thing - we added a couple more levels! They are also arranged as an alternative path in the story giving you an additional path to progress through the game.

If you are using Steam or our launcher the game will update automatically and the game map will alter accordingly to show these new changes. Saves are 100% compatible as well. However, if you have a save file where you progressed much further in the story - you will need to start a new game to see this new boss and new levels.

But that's not all. We have some more things in works. So stay tuned for future updates! :)

Dinocide is live!

Added on 21 January 2016 by Lurler.

Great news, everyone!

Our second game, Dinocide is finally released!

The game is available worldwide for $9.99 USD (Steam prices may vary in different regions). You can grab Dinocide right now on Steam or in our AtomicTorch Store (DRM free of course!).

Dinocide is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The game supports 11 languages including Spanish, German and even Japanese.

Grab the game now and don't forget to share your experience with us on the forums!

Dinocide Steam page is live!

Added on 13 January 2016 by Lurler.

Dinocide Steam page is finally up! That means the game will now show up in "coming soon" section on Steam and more people will become aware of the project.

As you can see our release preparations are going as planned, at least so far :)

Dinocide will become available for purchase on Steam on January 21st.

Another important point is that we were able to make the game available in 10 different languages! This should make it possible for more people to enjoy the game in their native languages. Not just that, but we translated the Steam page for the game itself as well. And if the game does well - we are hoping to add even more languages eventually, but that will depend on your support, of course :)

Dinocide release date is January 21st

Added on 11 January 2016 by Lurler.

Hurray! Dinocide release date is set for January 21st.

Everything seems to be going as we planned and Dinocide will appear on Steam on January 21th, 2016. Obviously you can grab the game direct and DRM free from our official store as well. The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux for $9.99 USD.

Dinocide is a classic NES-inspired platformer in a prehistoric fantasy world. It's a story of a cave-man who rescues his love interest from the paws of an evil and mysterious Dinosaur god.

The game delivers that familiar feeling of a classic console gaming and offers a lot of surprises and unmatched classical fun and drive.

For more information please visit the official Dinocide website at http://dinocide.com/ 

VoidExpanse v1.6.1

Added on 17 December 2015 by Lurler.

Just a short update. We have finished working on some bug fixes for VoidExpanse and the new version is out. VoidExpanse v1.6.1 addresses server issues related to multiplayer as well as some crashes reported on Linux and a few other issues.

As always you can find the detailed list of change on our forums.

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