VoidExpanse v1.7 is here!

Added on 12 August 2016 by Lurler.

VoidExpanse is updated to v1.7.0. That took quite some time to do, but it is a very important update! Not only does it address numerous issues reported since the last update, but more importantly it has some internal changes to allow for more updates later. So, let's see what happens next!

As always you can find the detailed list of changes on our forums.

CryoFall Dev.Blog #2 - Weapons

Added on 10 August 2016 by Lurler.

We've been considering several topics for this blog post, but in the end I just want to show you some cool art we have for the weapons in the game, so here it is!

Below you can see some of the weapons currently available in the game. As you can see there is a clear progression from the most primitive weapons (like bows) towards a more advanced options. And at later stages of the game you will be able to use some of the futuristic weapons as well, such as plasma rifles, railguns and such.

But that's not the full extent of it! We were able to go one step ahead of most other games and have a few more interesting features:

Firstly, we implemented a universal system that allows us to create completely different behaviour for each weapon, based on the proto classes that we can extend with new properties and functionality, so it becomes extremely easy to create new types of weapon with different behaviour. Naturally modders can use this system as well to create their own weapons.

Secondly, we implemented a common ammunition system which becomes a cornerstone of our combat system. Each weapon can use different types of ammo with different damage types and behaviour. For example shotguns can use slugs that have a straight trajectory or pellets that spread quickly, but have a much higher damage at closer range. Same idea applies to other ammunition types and weapons.

And lastly, we have a very interesting and complex damage calculation system with seven different damage types for weapon/armor interaction. I will have a separate blogpost on it, when making a post about the armor in the game.

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting. And as always - let us know what you think on the forums.


CryoFall Dev.Blog #1 - What is “CryoFall”?

Added on 3 August 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings! As some of you may have seen already, we've just announced our new game - CryoFall! This project is something we've been thinking of making for quite some time - it is a server based open-world survival multiplayer online action game.

At the moment we estimate that our brand-new Renkei engine can easily support comfortable gameplay of over 200 players per server. As you can imagine it enables quite a lot of player interactions. And here lies the main feature of CryoFall - unlike many "typical" survival or competitive openworld games CryoFall focuses on creation, rather than destruction! So, the more players are engaged in the economy the better experience becomes.

We're currently working on the CryoFall fulltime and the game progresses at a quite fast pace. So, we decided to share the first look of the main game window. This is something that you will see when you boot the game for the first time, so why not start here?

As you can see, the "Home" screen hosts a number of blocks:

  • First one, "News" is pretty self explanatory. We decided to include it so the players can always be aware of any updates to the game that we make available.
  • The second one, "Forums" will show you new and updated topics on our forums. Of course, both blocks are clickable and you'll be able to take a look at the news in your browser.
  • Third one will be quite useful as it shows the list of recent servers you played on. You can use it to quickly hop in the game again.
  • And lastly there's a fourth block, with links to social networks and our other discussion platforms.

Now, let's take a better look at the "Servers" tab. There you will be able to choose one of several server categories:

  • First one is called "Official" and there you can find a list of officially hosted servers, that will have our full support.
  • The second one is "Community Servers", it is for the player-hosted vanilla servers. This is pretty much the same as official servers with a crucial difference that all these servers are hosted by the fellow players.
  • Next one is "Modded servers". This is almost the same as above, but these servers include a list of mods to expand the gameplay and add custom server features.
  • And finally there are "Favorites" and "History" to make it easier for you to track things if you decide to play on several servers at the same time. History is updated automatically and in order to add a server to "Favorites" you just need to click a single icon.

And there you have it! First look at the first screen that greets you upon launching the game.

Please note however, that everything we are showing is still a quite early WIP version and some of the things we mention may be subject to change.

Please follow our blog for more info on CryoFall developement and don't forget to share it with your friends if you think it is something you can enjoy!

AtomicTorch is proud to announce CryoFall!

Added on 1 August 2016 by Lurler.

Today we are proud to announce CryoFall - our brand-new title powered by an in-house developed Renkei engine geared towards massive online interactions.


What is CryoFall?

You have survived falling from the skies. Your ship is destroyed. You've landed on an unknown planet not marked on any starmaps and have no idea what’s going on. Find your way out from this world or make it your new home.

Discover the story of this planet, reason why it's not marked on any starmaps, its dark secrets dwelling behind the closed doors of sealed laboratories. Travel through uncharted lands with various biomes, all carefully hand-crafted by our designers.

Togeteher with dozens of other survivors create your own cities, economy, industry, invite your friends to join you in your exploits and uncover the mystery behind this world.


What's ahead?

From this day onward you may expect more news on CryoFall, various screenshots and devblogs dedicated to the development of the game! So stay tuned and welcome to CryoFall!

VoidExpanse Guide: Engineering Ships

Added on 27 July 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void Explorers! Today we'd like to share our final video-guide in the series of guides about ships of VoidExpanse. In this video we talk about the engineering ships and their use in the game.

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VoidExpanse Guide: Transport Ships

Added on 13 July 2016 by Lurler.

Friends, today you can see the fourth video guide in our series of guides dedicated to ship categories of VoidExpanse. This guide will tell you about the transport ships - workhorses of the game.

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VoidExpanse Guide: Missile Ships

Added on 17 May 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends! A new video-guide dedicated to Missile Ships of VoidExpanse is ready, take a look. Do you like long-range fights and shoot-and-forget type of weapos? These ships are for you!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Heavy Ships

Added on 25 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends! Today we'd like to show you a new guide for VoidExpanse ships, this time it will be about Heavy hulls. If you want to know which ships are better suited for tanking - this video is for you!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Fastest Ships

Added on 18 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends!

Today we continue showing you different guides dedicated to VoidExpanse. And this time we'd like to show you some of the fastest ships that you can use, their pros and cons compared to other ship types and more.

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VoidExpanse Guide: Mine Weapons

Added on 8 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers! Our fourth guide dedicated to weapons of VoidExpanse is all about Mines! This type of weapons is a bit more tricky, so take a look at how you can operate those things right now!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Missile Weapons

Added on 4 April 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers! Our third guide on Missiles in VoidExpanse is ready. Take a look at the coolest warheads and most useful skills right now!

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VoidExpanse v1.6.10 Update

Added on 31 March 2016 by Lurler.


We have just released a long awaited update for VoidExpanse. Primary goal of this update was to address several issues related to third party software components that are used in the game. This has finally allowed us to fix a number of longstanding issues, especially for Linux users.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Improved Linux support. This should fix most of the reported crashes and other compatibility problems. Please let us know on the forums if there are any other issues!
  • Improved networking.
  • Fixed "boom" achievement.
  • Fixed issue with weapon binding.
  • And fixed various other issues.

Update v1.6.10:

  • Added quick shortcut: Ctrl+click to start autopilot to the specified location on System or Galaxy map. (for Mac users: Cmd+click also works)
  • Station storage cargo capacity can be modded now!
  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to start a new singleplayer game (with local game server)
  • Fixed dialog window not stretching to fit the message content
  • Improved handling of server errors (better stability and convenience for modding)

VoidExpanse Guide: Ballistic Weapons

Added on 30 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers!

Our next guide on Ballistic Weapons of VoidExpanse is ready. Take a look at the coolest guns and most useful skills right now!

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VoidExpanse Guide: Energy Weapons

Added on 28 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, Void explorers!

We have prepared a short video guide about Energy Weapons in VoidExpanse. Want to take a look at the coolest lasers and most useful skills? This guide is for you.

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Dinocide - Dev. Talk: Changes since release

Added on 23 March 2016 by Lurler.

Greetings, friends! Today we're presenting you our first Issue of Dev. Talk video!
In it we have summed up what changes took place in Dinocide since the day of its release!

Issues like that will be our regular feature from now on, so subscribe to our channel and share the video with your friends!

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